Baby Not Moving Much

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collettetmc - July 5

I know once you are this far along the babies movements may slow but i'm only feeling the baby move 3 maybe 4 times a day, is this normal???/


drea - July 5

How far along are you? Have you been really active lately? I know when I'm more active I dont feel her as much. Try having something sweet like juice or a cookie and then lay down on your left side and wait a while. Maybe your little one is just tired and also as they grow the space in there gets smaller so the movements aren't as pronounced as before. I'm sure everything is ok, but check with your doc, you'll feel better.


collettetmc - July 5

I am 38 weeks so i know theres not much room left, but just need a little piece of mind


Noms - July 6

Hey, I had the same issue at 36.5 weeks, I mentioned it to my doc at my regular appt and he sent me for a biophysical ultrasound to make sure everything was fine and a stress test. nothing drastic involved, and everything was fine. very rea__suring, mention it to your doc and see what he says


Been There - July 6

When you say 3 maybe 4 times per day, you mean that the baby moves several times during 3 to 4 increments of time? If so, the baby is fine. He/she is probably just resting more.


marranie - July 6

If it worries you, go to the doctor/hospital and they can put a monitor around your belly to check on baby. My first baby girl stopped moving for a whole weekend near due date, went to hospital and all was ok, seems she had taken to sleeping during the day and movements were at night when i was asleep. Was worth the trip to have it checked out anyway.


falafal0 - July 6

I'm 34weeks and my baby seems to have settled into a pattern throught the day and sleeping alot at night. The movements you described I'm unsure about - 3 -4 kicks a day, or 3 -4 'sessions' a day of a bit of time feeling him move?



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