Baby Shower For DH

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Mrs.Steve - October 16

Dh and I met at work, but I left the company almost 2 years ago. I keep in contact with alot of old co-workers, still. Anyway, one of them called me yesterday to tell me that they're throwing DH a surprise baby shower disguised as a meeting and wanted to know if I wanted to be there. I elected not to. I feel like I've been the center of attention all this time and it would be nice for the focus to be just on him for once because expectant fathers sometimes are overlooked. It just seemed like a good thing to do. Does that sound as if I'm being rude? I'm not trying to be. Just thinking of how nice it would be for him.


beeniestar - October 16

I think it's cool that you're letting your DH be center of attention. He'll probably have a great time!


alirenee86 - October 16

I would have done the same thing. I think it's great and he'll love it. We're throwing a 'baby party' with just our friends (aside from my small baby shower), because he has a lot of friends and co-workers that would like to be there for him too. I think it's important for our husband's to be as much a part of all the excitement....after all, they gave us the baby...we just get the fun of carrying it!!


Mrs.Steve - October 16

And don't forget the fun of delivering, too, LOL!


alirenee86 - October 16

....or is it our baby and they fertilize it?? OMG, please forgive me if that's the dumbest question ever...I'm a pretty smart chick, I swear...


alirenee86 - October 16

Oh,!! I haven't done this yet!!


alirenee86 - October 16

Oh yeah, delivery!! I haven't been through this yet!!


Pipa - October 16

I think that's really great that they're doing that for your hubby! I think the fact that they asked you whether you wanted to come (rather than just expecting you to) makes it not rude for you to choose not to go. I don't know why people don't give more attention to the husband's part in all of this, it's their kid too! We had a co-ed shower for that very reason and it was so fun!


LinLaceie - October 16

Aww thats a nice thing for them to do. I wish I could have done something for my b/f but none of his family or friends would have shown up, so woulda been a waste. I am so broke I can't even take him out myself! lol I think he'll have fun and he will understand why you chose not to go, and thats all that matters :)


emfine99 - October 17

I think it's sweet! I think if you wanna go, you should! You don't have to be the star of the show! My SIL is having me a 2nd baby shower but she said some of the games and stuff are aimed more for my DH, which I am completely fine with because I know he's super excited! I even ordered him a bunch of baby stuff to give to him there that he has no idea about. I got him some stuff with his fave sports team logo like a diaper bag, onesies, bibs, etc. I think ti's a great idea to get the daddy involved! It makes them feel special!


alirenee86 - October 17

That's so cute emfine that you got him a bag with stuff he likes on it...great idea. My husband just made a comment to me the other day to not buy a diaper bag that is too florally so if he has to carry it he doesn't feel silly. I should just get him his own!


emfine99 - October 17

See, that was my point! LOL He's getting me a vera bradley one and I want a pink floral one.... they are nice because they are cloth and can be washed and I have vera bradley everything else so I want a matching diaper bag! LOL I got him a University of Michigan one off of ebay and it looks pretty cool! Though I'll have the baby with me most of the time, whenever he decides he wants to go on a little weekend trip to his moms, he will have his own stuff and not have to drag around my girly stuff! :-)


name - October 18

Wow having a shower for the husband is a GREAT idea!!! No joke!



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