Bedrest With Cerclage

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TD - April 15

First time writing on a message board. I'm 29 weeks on bedrest with a cerclage. My baby is right on top of my st_tch almost putting pressure on my cervix. Anyone here have a cerclage &/or on bedrest? I've been on bedrest for 8 weeks. Lost my first baby at 20 weeks due to incompetent cervix.


Jenny - April 15

I'm sorry you lost your first baby at 20 weeks, that must have been a horrible experience to go least they were able to diagnose it now so it doesn't happen again. I'm on limited bedrest, but I'm at 37 weeks so it's not that important to rest anymore, but it was very tough and irritating...just do crossword puzzles, read, watch TV and take help from others whenever its offered. Good Luck and keep us posted.


E - April 15

Jenny when are you having your baby?


Jenny - April 15

My due date is May 4th. We are very excited but also I have VERY mixed emotions...part of me is very scared because I dread the thought of change and then another part is eagerly awaiting the change...hopefully I'll deliver earlier than that though...I've been having dreams that I'll have her in the last week of April. When are you due E, (by the way is this EM?)


Corrina - April 17

I had a friend that also lost two pregnancies due to incompetent cervix, they did the same procedure with her at 28 wks and cut it at 32 wks and she is now 39 wks and no signs of labor. She didn't go on the bedrest either. I would just follow your doctors advice and you should be fine.


EM - April 18

Jenny...E is someone different. I wanted to tell you that everyone I talk to says that when they say it is a boy from an ultrasound they are less likely to be wrong than if they say its a girl so my bet is you are having a boy. TD, also very sorry about your first baby, what is a cerclage? Do they st_tch your cervix to strenghthen it? This site is a great way to pa__s the time. Good luck to you, I'll keep you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers.


angie - April 23

I am now 21 weeks and I had my cerclage for incompetant cervix at 18 weeks and 5 days. How much bed rest were women out there on and for how long.


Marsha - April 26

I'm sorry you lost your first baby at 20 weeks, I too also lost my firsy baby at 20 wks. A year ago. I'm 10 weeks pregnant now And will also be having a cerclage at 14 weeks and will be on bedrest so i know exactly where you are coming from don't be discouraged it will all work out in the end. Prayer changes stressful situation so stay focus you. Good luck and everything will work out. God bless


Dee B. - June 10

This is my sixth pregnancy. I have been put on restricted bedrest. I am 22 weeks. What are some good ideas for pa__sing time?


tasha - June 24

I just had a cerclage done on wednesday. I am 11 weeks pregnant and my doctor adviced me that the earlier the cerclage the better. I lost my daughter at four and the half months due to an incompetent cervix and I did not wnat to go through that dreadful unfortunate again. I was scared at first, but right now I am happy my husband, doctor and my self decided to make such a rightful decision. Right now I am instructed to stay in bed and my activities are extremely limited. By the way the epidural was a saver but the after effects of having to feel decapitated was mind torturing.


Lynn - July 23

Hello, I am 21 weeks along and had a cerclage placed at 13 weeks. My last pregnancy my daughter was born at 25 weeks to an incompetant cervix. She made it but has some problems. I am so scared. I worry about everything. I am not on bed rest yet but will be from weeks 22- 30. I have been on normal activity so far and hope that didn't hurt anything. I feel sometimes like my st_tches are being pulled or stretching. Is that normal? The doc always says everything looks good. At my last check up my cervix was about 55 mm long. Is that good. I just need some advice and encouragement from others going through the same thing as me. I want a full term baby so bad. Please help.



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