Belly Feels Heavy

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Mom-2-be-again - June 30

I'm 28 weeks and it feels like when I walk around or move to much that I have to hold up my belly or the baby feels like it is going to fall out. I also have some varicose veins and some nasty little hemmorhoids. My dr told me to rest more and talk to work about cutting back on hours during the day. I don't think work will go for that. I was just wondering if anyone else has suffered from this and if they found any relief. This is my second pregnancy and my first one didn't have any of this problme.s


Crystal83 - June 30

I felt like thta with my second pregnancy, I was carrying baby really low, and it hurt in my pelvis a lot and felt really heavy, I'm in my 3rd pregnancy now and I am carrying very high and I don't find I'm having that problem. Just put your feet up as much as you can and try not to bend over too much.


tk07 - July 2

hi! i am 28 weeks also and i have been getting that heavy feeling. i am also carrying very low. i think i am going to ask my Dr at my appt tomorrow. i know that bending over does make it feel worse!


OneMoreTime - July 2

This is my 3rd pregnancy. I am also carrying very low. This is alot of pressure when I walk or stand for long periods of time. My doc said this was due to the fact my (stomach) ligaments were stretched out from the 1st two pregnancy. My inner thighs hurt all the time now and I am only 27 weeks.


tori205 - July 2

im pregnant with my 2nd baby and i have been feeling like ths since week 24. my doctor says its normal with 2nd and subsequent pregnancies to feel so much pressure you feel as if the baby was going to fall out. she told me to get a pregnancy belly belt. it is very helpful. i dont need it all the time but when i know im going to be doing a bit of walking, i put it on. it does help take the intense pressure off and i do feel a bit better.



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