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babyonboard16 - January 28

Okay last appointment I had I had slightly high blood pressure, so my doctor has put me on a low sodium diet. I basically am screwed because I LOVE salt and cannot find decent foods without a lot of sodium, because personally I like flavoring. Anyways has this happened to anyone? My BP was only 142/70 when I was incredibly stressed.


DDT - January 28

I don't know how bad 142/70 is...but what I can say is that my blood pressure when tested it around 120/80. My doc always says this is very good. You may need to cut back on the salt as s/he has recommened for the health of your baby and yourself.


babyonboard16 - January 28

well i know that much i have but im trying to find easy ways to do it thats all and it does frustrate me because im a saltaholic haha.


Gretta - January 28

Go off the salt like he says because they may just want to see if it helps when I went in with high blood presure on friday they put me on BED REST for 4 days until my next apptointment and i couldn't go back to work - had me do a stress test on the baby, took all this blood and i have no protien in my urine. They told me they want to see the top number under 140 - so yours sounds borderline high. UGH! I hope it goes down for both of us.


DB - January 28

Do what the doctor says!! Mine got up to 140/100 and I had to stop working and do NST every Wed. and Sat. Finally mine is back down to normal now. I guess you don't realize how much work affects your body. The key numbers are 140/90....If you bp gets higher than those on the top or bottom its getting into the "bad numbers".


chrissi79 - January 28

Yup, me too, been medicated b/c of my HBP - "Chronic HBP", it was 150/110 when I started the meds and has been good ever since, but this past week I was in on wed, and it was high...they made me come back on friday and it was elevated again, so I have to go back yet again on monday...but I should mention that I am due on tuesday so i know that it isn't uncommon for the BP to rise in the last week or so of pregnancy...I am hoping that if its still high tomorrow when I go in that they will induce me within a couple days. I have heard that they don't like to let you go too far past the EDD if you BP is high...anyone else know about that?


DB - January 28

Chrissi-that is why I'm being induced on Tuesday. Today's my due date, so I'll only be 40w3d on Tuesday, but because of my hbp they want the baby out!! My bp was actually really good the at my appt. yesterday too, but they still would rather induce me than wait.


DB - January 28

Oops, 40w2d, duh!!


KimS - January 28

Hey Ladies Well like many of you I have gestational high bp, my ob told me that I won't go to term, but he would like me to get to 39 wks, I am currently 37wks 5 days, I see high risk ob tomorrow for more blood work and another u/s.. so we'll see what they say. my bp has been consistently over 140/90, with peaks up to 150/104...


chrissi79 - January 28

Wow, Kim why haven't they put you on medication? that is high...mine was up there too for a few weeks in a row.


chrissi79 - January 28

DB, well hopefully when I go in tomorrow we can establish when I'll be induced, and I'm really hoping it will be tuesday or wednesday. Good luck to you and a speedy, healthy delivery. :)


Sabina - January 30

I have the opposite problem..am quite tensed! My bp fluctuated within 1 day today from 90/60...abt 10minutes later it was 100/60 and then in evening it was 120/70!! What is happening and how is it affecting me and my baby! I am 32weeks right now. Pls help!


kerryv - January 30

Sabina- your bp naturally fluctuates all the time, that is a good thing- that is what is supposed to happen. all of your numbers are fine- nothing begative is happening to you or your baby.



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