Breathing Problems At 32 Weeks

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springbaby - February 6

I am 32 weeks along (Due April 5) and my breathing has become harder and my heart feels like its racing. I could be sick from the extreme cold weather, but this is an unusual and uncomfortable feeling, anyone else have any breathing issues or can explain this?


KimS - February 6

springbaby, it is common for people to have asthma develop in pregnancy. I am asthmatic to begin with and it has become worse. It is important that you tell your doctor, it is essential that you be breathing well and getting enough oxygen to the baby. My heart also races occa__sionally, and the doc told me the next time it happens, to go to the hospital and ask them for an EKG. Bottom line talk to your doctor, these things are common but need to be treated. Good luck.


Meghan - February 6

oh I know what you are going through, i am 34 weeks and i have been short of breath for a while now...even the slightest tasks get me huffing and puffing. even whilst laying in bed i struggle to breath sometimes. its normal and unfortunatley we wont get any relief until the baby drops or we have them! good luck


springbaby - February 6

Last night was the worse, I was up until about 3 am before my breathing calmed. I will talk about this on my next appointment Thanks


Gretta - February 6

Same problem here but i have a terrible cold. I couldn't breathe last night and was up half the night because of it. Its a little scary but my doctor wasn't worried about it today at my appointment. Its also really cold and dry here which isn't helping. I notice if I get in the shower and steam it up it helps a bit..



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