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Rama - March 30

i am on my 39th week will i get labour pain or contraction if my baby is in breech?


Jenny - March 30

Yes you will get labour pains and contractions if your baby is breech but you won't be able to deliver v____ally. A c-section will be required and if your water breaks, an immediate c-section will be required. How do you know your baby is breech?


tosin - March 30

you need prayers.God is an impossibility specialist,you can deliver normally.


Toya - March 30

Rama, some women still deliver v____ally when their babies are breech. It all depends on the situation and as tosin said, with God...all things are possible!


Gia - April 4

Most doctors won't deliver a breech baby v____ally. My baby is breech, and I'm having a cesarean in 3 days. I'm having it done 1 week before my due date, just in case, so I don't go into labor early and have to have an emergency cesarean. Prayers and "God" have nothing to do with what your body is going through, you will either go into labor because your body wants to, or you will have a c-section on a sceduled day because you and your doctor want you to. See, it's more scientific, not "God".


Katharine - April 5

My baby was breech, but I was able to have an external version (after receiving muscle relaxant, the doctor uses her hands to "wrench" the baby into position). At 39 weeks, though, it is surely too late for that. Some doctors will deliver breech v____ally, if the baby is in the correct position (usually there are pictures of the different breech positions in the maternity books). There are no doctors in my are that do that, though, on account of malpractive insurance. If you're in a bigger city, you might have better luck. Otherwise, you will have a c-section. My daughter now thinks it is hilarious that she "knew which way was up", even before she was born!



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