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cattac - October 10 2:09pm

Hey, I'm 37 1/2 weeks and went to doc today. She said I'm 2 - 2 1/2 cm dilated, at least 60 % effaced, baby is engaged and have a bulging bag. I know what a bulging bag is...but what exactly does this mean in terms of it easier for my water to break? What causes it? Today is Tuesday and I really want to hold off until at least next Tuesday to go into you think this is possible? (I'm supposed to be induced next thursday and my mom is coming into town to help on Tuesday).

HannahBaby - October 10 2:38pm

A bulging bag is a very good thing. Unfortunately, i dont think that you will make it to next tuesday, Good luck and congrats, your baby will be here soon!!

cattac - October 10 3:17pm

HannahBaby...thanks for the response...another question (because I dont know the answer). Why dont you think I'll make it till next Tuesday?

Mommy_to_be - October 10 4:57pm

Yes, your water is more likely to break soon. A bulging bag occurs when the baby's head is low and pushing against it. Once the baby moves a little further down, that bag will break! Good luck, congrats, and keep us posted!

cattac - October 10 9:24pm

Interesting...I guess I'll see what happens. I hope to get to next Tuesday. If anyone knows anything else or has experience with this let me know. Thanks for the responses!

mandee25 - October 11 4:50pm

Gee I learned something today, a bulging bag, lol. I never heard of it before.

Smilefull - October 11 6:29pm

if you want to try and avoid the bag breaking you can concider going on self-imposed bedrest...

Lala - October 11 9:24pm

a bulging bag is bulging into the v____a, and the doc feels it when he checks with his fingers.

cattac - October 11 10:29pm

Lala can you explain that more?

cattac - October 11 10:33pm

smilefull...i'm thinking self imposed bedrest is virtually impossible since i have so much to do AND I have a little boy who will be 2 later this month. sitting around is not something he likes to do!

Lala - October 11 10:57pm

When the doc puts his/her fingers in there, he/she would "run into" the bag which is bulging through the cervix and into the upper v____a. It probably has only fluid in the part that is bulging down. Think of a water balloon. You can squeeze part of it into a cylinder (like your hand with fingers to thumb) without it breaking. Yet, if you squeeze it hard enough it will break--just as your water is likely to break at anytime!! Just make sure you get to the hospital ASAP in the rare case that the cord comes down below the baby's head and gets compressed. TAKE CARE!

cattac - October 11 11:01pm

thanks more you know if the baby's head can become "disengaged" once it's engaged? just wondering if the bulging bag scenario could change if the baby's head came back up into my pelvis. if not and my bag remains you think I can make it until tuesday? i can try to take it easy but cannot be on bedrest.

Lala - October 11 11:04pm

First of all, your water can break on bedrest too. And, I've never heard of the head moving once it's truely engaged. If the baby's head is engaged, you shouldn't have to worry about the cord prolapsing. Oh, and be sure to watch for slow leaks of amniotic fluid. Sometimes you don't get the big gush that you hear about, and if your water breaks, even slowly, you don't want to go too long before the baby is born.

Lala - October 11 11:07pm

and if I had to guess, you won't make it until Tuesday. Maybe labor will even start tonight : 0 but that's all I can do is guess--the same as you! Take care--it's exciting!!

cattac - October 11 11:09pm

Are you a nurse or something? you seem pretty knowledgeable! My dr said the head is engaged at 0 or +1 station and the head will no longer float. My mom told me her water broke with me when she was laying on the sofa napping. I'm just nervous I guess. She's coming to town to help me tuesday and I would love to wait until then!

cattac - October 11 11:12pm

Oh and also...I have heard about the cord prolapsing from my dr and that's a scary thought. Kind of makes you paranoid. I think she said that would be an immediate emergency c-section or something.
What would a slow leak be like? constant? sporadic leaking kind of just like a little pee? I guess my question is...would I definitely know my water was leaking?

cattac - October 11 11:56pm

I definitely dont think it's leaking now...I guess I'd have to know if there was a small leak.


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