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Barb - October 6 we talk alot...haha...this is a GOOD thing =) I was going to wait until Saturday to start a new thread...but the other one IS getting long...this is much better.


Barb - October 6

TONIA...I understand your frustration...if I go to the doc. tomorrow and she tells me there's no change after ALL these contractions, I'm going to SCREAM!! so sorry.....I hope it comes naturally and you don't have to be induced :(


Valerie - October 6

K this is much better it was taking forever to scroll through all the messages. Good luck tomorrow Barb hope your appt goes better than mine went today. The internal exam didnt hurt it was just uncomfortable but now I am having the worst cramps and it feels like a brick is hanging from between my legs!!! Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow. I go back to the doc on Tues I am hoping for better news then!


Dawn - October 6

HI. Other than more frequent urination, I have no sign or symptom of labor. I am hoping its just because this is my first. I just want to go into labor befor the doc induces me next Fri 14th!!!!


Barb - October 6

Thanks Valerie...I hope there's good news sorry about your appt. today! At least you get to go back on Tuesday...that's better than waiting a week..OUCH about the brick,by the way...LOL...hopefully your internal "stirred things up" a bit :) Hey DAWN...since this is your first, have you noticed that you've dropped at all??


Dawn - October 6

BARB- Usually first thing in am I notice I can put my hand between b___st and belly and its flat, but naturally as day goes on and I eat during the day--belly gets higher. I have not noticed much more pressure in the v____al area. I just wish I knew what was goin on in there. I was last checked a week ago today. I was only a fingertip and did not even spot after he checked me. Last time I had s_x was Mon and no spotting from that. I have had the best pregnancy no sickness EVER and other than a big belly and only slight swelling I AM NORMAL!!!!!!


Barb - October 6

You're so lucky Dawn :) I had sickness in the beginning, but never actually puked...just FELT like I had to puke ALL the time (which is worse if you ask me) and my pelvic bones have been hurting me for some time now....but now they are MUCH,MUCH worse....but I,like you, never spotted after my internal or s_x...hmm....and I feel like I'm the only one NOT dialating..ha... as of last week I wasn't, that's why I REALLY hoping ther will be good news tomorrow...2 days of contractions MUST be doing something, wouldn't you think??


Dawn - October 6

I hope for your sake you are doing something. Please post when you get in from doc tom. I actually have to go but I will be seeing the NP because my doc is off. My mom works down there at the OB so its easy for me. But the doc said he did NOT want the NP to do an internal and stir things up so I just have to go in for UA, BP and listen. I will let you know. He will check me again next Wed and if favorable he will induce Fri 14th. That is why I want to go ahead just because I hate to be induced. I guess since this is the first and Ive never gone natural I want know the difference. I just heard it is a lil more painful. Please let us know tom what happens. FOR ALL US PREGGOS--- I hope eveyone has a good night and can rest ( these lovely trips to bathroom and just being uncomfortable)


georgia - October 6

due oct 22nd tired all the time cant wait for this to end tried castor oil yesterday did nothing some contractions thats all i go to the doc on tuesday he said he will check my cervix and talk about induceing is there a way to get your cervix to soften


Silvie - October 6

Georgia..why are you taking castor oil still have some time to go till you hit your due date. I dont think it is a good idea to push something when the time has not come yet. And a natural way how to soften your cervix would be s_x....spermatic fluid contains a lot of prostaglandin ..which helps cervix to get mature for labour:-))


Kim(UK) - October 7

Hi Barb...well my due date has come and gone and still no little bundle of joy! Had to go on monitors yesterday as my blood pressure has been rising. I have to go back today and i will be given my official induction date (although while there yesterday i overheard a doctor cancelling 2inductions because there were no beds left-i can't think of anything worse than having induction day cancelled!!) Good Luck xx


Valerie - October 7

Ok so I am getting ready to go to work and I just dont think I can do this much longer!!! It is the hardest thing for me to do and by the time I get home feel like I have run a triathalon!!! I so wish I could afford to take off work now!!!


<Amy> (UK) - October 7

Just a tip for you ladies i bought the RL capsules as well as the tea and find the capsules give me the contractions. They have to be taken with warm liquid though. I'm not trying to induce myself (want to wait til i'm at least 38, 37 right now) but i take them anyway as they're meant to help with toning the uterus. I just thought I'd share it with the people that are trying to induce!


<Amy> (UK) - October 7

My pregnancy has gone back to the beginning! lol. My morning sickness has come back a bit and my cravings have come back aswell!


Barb - October 7

good morning everyone....WELCOME GEORGIA :) I'm still hangin' in there too...can't wait to see the doc. this contractions have gone back to about 20 min's apart I'm glad I never went in...but I'm going to show the doc. just how many I've been having (been writing them down) so she knows and see what she says. If there's no change down thee I will surely SCREAM! I'll certainly let you all know when I get back :) Hang in there ladies....this is SO frustrating, I know...AGGHHH......


Barb - October 7

Amy...sorry you have to work!!! I couldn't imagine that right now...I feel for you.Valerie...sorry you're feeling sick again...that's a TERRIBLE feeling, yuk! I haven't been feeling well in the morning, but it's not that extreme...every pregnancy is true! I remember throwing up when I was having my first (in labor) but with my second I wasn't...who knows what will happen this time.


to barb - October 7

for the 1st 2 pregnancy did u have u're kids at a the same amount of weeks or different cuz some people say that if u had the 1st or 2nd the same then most like have the 3rd baby at the same time as the other 2..



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