Can Anyone Suggest A Really Good Educational Baby Dvd

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dee23 - April 23

im looking on ebay for one but there are so many that i dont know which one to get! i wanted one that has all the basics on it including extensive sections on things like baby bathing and changing, and not one that just has couples opinions and goes for a measly half an hour. also im not doing any prenatal classes so i was wondering if anyone also knows a good dvd that helps with breathing techniques and so forth, thx heaps :)


fasha12 - April 23

I can recommend a good DVD for helping to calm a fussy baby. "The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp" (It is also available in paperback). I would highly recommend a birthing cla__s. They also teach baby care in those cla__ses. They are usually not too expensive and well worth the time and money. If you have questions, contact the nursery and speak with the nurses. After your babies birth, they show you how to change diapers and give a bath. Use the nurses knowledge. Maybe you can contact your local nursery and they can suggest some videos for you. Hope that helps.


Jamie - April 24

If you're looking for DVDs for the baby to watch, you can't beat Baby Einstein. If you're looking for something for you, a baby "how-to" - I don't have any suggestions, but I do have some advice. Taking care of babies is actually pretty intuitive, especially for the mommy. The nurses in the hospital will show you how to bathe, change, and feed your baby - beyond that, there's not really a whole lot to it. You'll know if your baby is hungry, dirty, sleepy, hot/cold, whatever - you just need to trust your gut, and not let other people try to tell you what's up.


ash2 - April 25

i agree with baby einstien or seseme street. although dr. do not reccomend babies under the age of 3 watch that much tv. they say only around 1-2 hrs. a day.



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