Can I Break My Water

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LJM - March 24

Is it possible to break your own water? Is there anything I can do (jump, hop, etc.) to hopefully make it break? I am 38 weeks and DONE with being pregnant. If my water breaks, my doc will let me deliver so how do I break it? Please help!!!


lilmama - March 24

Seriously, that is not something that you want to try it is very dangerous. Wait for your body to go into labor naturally or to be induced by doctors who know what they are doing. You do not want to harm your baby in any way, im sure. Trust me, I know how you feel, but I promise you will not be pregnant forever!


Toya - March 24

Ljm, I agree with lilmama! Please don't purposely try to break your water. Next to the placenta, it is the life source for the baby and if the baby hasn't been born yet, mother nature has a good reason for patient, your bundle of joy will be here sooner than you know it.


Brittany - April 20

I'm with LJM how can I break my own water? What are the risk of it? I'm so sick of being pregnant PLEASE help!!!


Amanda - April 20

I'm 38 weeks also. There's no way for you to break your own water. it will harm your baby. I agree with about getting over with. Try walking, s_x, raspberry tea, or castol and orange juice. That's the only thing I can tell you. For me, I'm desperate to try the castrol and orange juice. It has worked for alot of women. I just hope everything will go as planned.


Kymmi - April 21

You are NOT done with being pregnant or you would have had the baby by now. Listen, I know from experience what it feels like to be down to the last few weeks, I am here myself~ But, your baby will come when he/she is ready to come. Apparently he/she is still preparing for his/her departure into the real world. You should not do anything to rush that or you could risk hurting yourself and the baby. Just try to hang in there, it is almost over now!! You've gone thru almost 10 months of being pregnant and it is completely natural to want it over with. I think we all feel that way in the end. You want your body back, you anticipate the arrival of your new baby,,,,, but don't do anything to harm that. Just try to be patient a little longer.


Kymmi - April 21

And Amanda (and anyone else who reads this),,,, do NOT do the castor oil thing. It can be VERY harmful for you and the baby. I've been told by several doctors now that it does not really work, all it does is make you sick and cause serious liver damage, as well as harm your baby. For those women who have used it in the past and seemed to have "worked for",,,, it could be just a coincidence and they have been nothing but LUCKY~ So if you want to try something,,,, try walking or having lots of s_x (s____n softens the cervix),,,,, but don't try anything that can potentially harm you or your unborn baby.!


penny - July 19



alystarr - June 26

My OB told me if i don't have my baby before i am 38weeks i will have to get a C-section...she gave me a list of things to try
spicy food
Castor Oil (my OB that it does not harm the baby or mother, that it was a common myth that it did)
membranes stripped
nipple stimulation


DJV - July 28

Ok, first of all i am not an OB but i do have a medical background and this is my 3rd pregnancy. I induced my labor with Cator oil both with my 16yr old son and my 12yr old son. (i a__sure u it was no coincidence) I am now past my 36 weeks and about to get ready to do it again. Castor oil has never been linked to Liver damage. You might have better luck if you drank it like a coke for a few years or switched to a Vodka martini. It does work and here is why... It is suppose to stimulate you to go to the bathroom, which makes you have abdominal contractions. It does dehydrate you as well which makes you dialate. (ask any OB) The combination sends SOME people into labor. Unfortunatly not all people. GOOD LUCK!



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