Can The Baby Break My Water By Pushing Down

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byansmommy - December 12

well i've been having slight menstural cramps all day but now he is really pushing down and i was induced with my first one and i live an hour from the hospital so sorry if i seem a little nervous and it feels like he is trying to break my water can he???


byansmommy - December 12

and i've also had this feeling that i have to poo and everytime i try to go i can't and i've never had that problem before now could that just be him pushing there and making me think that i have to go???


clm82 - December 12

I've heard that the baby can put pressure on your rectum and it can feel like you have to use the bathroom but are unable to. I am not sure about the baby pushing down and breaking your water. I am interested to know that as well since my little one has his head right at the opening of my cervix. Although he has been there for 2 weeks and my water has not broken yet. How far along are you cause the menstrual cramps sound like it could be labor. From what I have read, your water does not usually break until you are well into labor. Also, I have read that even if your water breaks, if you are standing, the baby's head can act as a cork and keep a lot of the fluid from coming out until you lay down.


Aviendha416 - December 12

I was always under the a__sumption that the baby pushing down into the pelvis/cervix was what CAUSED the water to break.


byansmommy - December 12

im almost 36 weeks and i went to the hospital the other day and they said that i was starting to loose my mucus plug and i had two contractions earlier but none now and i had a couple last night but they stopped and they felt like what i was told that they are suppose to feel like my stomach was tight and painful in my stomach and back i had back labor with my first


byansmommy - December 12

well i've heard that when you get a fever that is another sign of labor and my normal temp is between 95-97 and now is almost 100 and im starting to feel nauseated so is this it???? still feeling slight menstrual cramping but nothing more other then what i felt earlier


DDT - December 12

byansmommy: you seem to be highly stressed and concerned over whether you're going into labour or not. My advice for you would be to go to the ER if you're that concerned. If it is indeed something to worry about they will tell you, and if not go home and get some rest. Relax because its best for your baby. Maybe try to focus on other things. If baby wants to come he/she will come. Even if you lose you mucus plug it can grow back and it also doesn't mean that labour is impending because you could still be waiting until your due date. God luck...


DDT - December 12

*Good luck


HEATHER - December 13

I remember that pushing sensation for the last month of my last preg, she would push and it would hurt so bad in my pubic area and she would rock her head and it hurt so bad, but my water never broke, they actually had to break it at 42weeks! Oh, that sensation started around 36 weeks for me, and I had lost my MP at 35 weeks so I was like you last time thinking I was going early, and I had started dialating at 37 weeks. Let me tell you none of that mattered!!!



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