Can You Go Into Labor Without Any Signs

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coco797 - December 26

I'm due in a week and so far, NOTHING is happening. I haven't dropped, and at my last doctor's appointment, my cervix was still closed. I have been having more frequent bh, but not many that are painful. Is it possible to go into labor without any signs? I don't want to go past me due date.


vonzo - December 26

Yes you can!! With my daugher I was told I had dilated by 2cm, 2 weeks later I was told I hadn't and my daughter had moved back up the birth ca___l. 3 days after that and 3 days before my due date I went into labour and my waters broke. 4 hours later my daughter was born! :o) Yes, I know i was very lucky to have such a quick first labour. She moved back up the birth ca___l because she was posterior (facing up and out instead of down). I was planning everything around getting induced 2 weeks later as I thought there was no way she'd be on time. Don't give up hope!!


coco797 - December 26

vonzo-thanks! I am getting totally discouraged. I'm so ready to have this baby, but dh keeps telling me that she'll come when she's ready. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something happens in the next week.


mommybabyboy21 - December 26

YES YOU CAN!!! I saw my Dr on my due date. She told me I wasnt dilated at all. The baby was head down but I believe was at the highest point. I didn't feel anything in fact even my bh had slowed down I thought i was never going to give birth. Well the very next day at at 4:45 pm I started having major contractions and by 9:38 pm I had my baby boy.


coco797 - December 26

mommybabyboy21-Did you do anything to "help" along your labor? I'm where you were, not dilated, her head is down but still high and by bh come fairly frequently, but seem to be slowing down. Plus, they don't hurt. I feel like she's never going to come out!!


DDT - December 26

Yes, I was not dilated and 70% effaced. My ds was also only at -2 station head down. 3 days after my doc had done this internal I went into labour naturally. My ds was born at 39w6d. I walked a lot towards the end but other than that I didn't do much to "help" things along. My bh had also slowed down towards then end.


mommybabyboy21 - December 27

Let see after I left my dr appointment I went and got a "pregnancy" salad (its a salad made with red wine vinaigrette, its a famous salad in hollywood) I got a chiropractic adjustment and then I went for a walk on a slight incline that evening and the next morning. Oh I also bought prime rose (its suppose to soften your cervix) I took it orally but I was told you can take it topically too.


mommybabyboy21 - December 27

here is a list my birthing instructor gave me...I didn't try them but thought they would help...Things that may soften cervix: > > > > Evening Primrose Oil (v____ally and/or orally) > > Semen on cervix > > Castor Oil > > Relaxation > > Accupuncture, Accupressure, Reflexology, > > Chiropractic adjustment, Pregnancy Ma__sage, > > Moxibustion, Aromatherapy, Visualization, Hypnosis > > Wearing partner's unwashed shirt (smells can get > > the right hormones flowing - a__suming a good > > relationship, LOL) >>striping the membrane.....Things that may bring on contractions: > > All of the above, plus: > > red raspberry leaf tea > > orgasm > > nipple stimulation > > thumb sucking > > Blue cohosh (often paired with black cohosh) > > ticture > > caulophyllum (homeopathic blue cohosh) >>crying



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