Clear Watery Discharge After Frequent Urination Help

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D - February 12

I have had a clear water like discharge after I pee for like the past few weeks. Sometimes it happens when I'm just walking around. There is not a lot of it but I still worry. I told my doctor but she said not to worry about it. She is not a very good doctor and I am worried that there might be something wrong. This is my first child, and i am 35 weeks. Please help!!!!


MCW - February 12

I had that happen to me too. I am 32 weeks and often leak a white/watery discharge at times. It is called luekorea I think. The frequent urination is due to your baby moving and growing which can cause your bladder to be kind of flat. There were times when I peed every hour and there have been times when I have had to pee every five minutes. But it's ok. You will find relief soon. I a__sure you.



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