Concerned About Baby

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cindy - June 17

my babys been in breech and i am now almost 38 weeks along....was wondering if having 4 ultrasound would have detected anythin if there was a problem..i mean why would it be in breech otherwise,i dont have placental problems or amniotic fluid probs...someone please ease my mind this is my first baby and im really worried


Lynn - June 17

SOmetimes they just get really comfortable where they are. My sister in law's baby was breech.. She is due 6/24 and went in 6/10 so they could see if they could get it to flip.. Sure enough they did on the first little push. They tol dher to keep her bladder as empty as possible to keep the baby from going back breech. What has your doctor said? are you going to try to deliver breech or opt for an c-sec?


cindy - June 17

most likley sticking with c -section as i do not want to put my baby at any risk...


BBK - June 17

Cindy don't worry much. Before the surgical wizardry called c-section breech would be a concern, but today having a c-section is no biggie. I'm not advocating that you should elect it if not needed, but it's certainly nothing to be seriously concerned about. You and your little one will be just fine. Good luck!


Lynn - June 17

Yes, I think I'd go with a c-sec too if my baby were breech.. Good luck & maybe the baby will turn, you never know.. sometimes they turn just before labor starts!


Beth - June 17

Is there a big concern with them tryign to turn baby into position manually?


KH - June 17

there are no health concerns for the baby just b/c he/she is breech. good luck :)


Lynn - June 17

To beth_ as long as your pregnancy is normal, then no, there is no reason to concern about trying to turn the baby. I have heard that it can be very painful though. If you are at higher risk for placental abruption or have experienced a placental tear peviously, then it does pose a slightly higher risk.



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