Concerned About Induction On Sunday

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lilaggie2002 - January 19

Hi Ladies, Well I just returned from a dr.'s appnt where I was informed that I would be induced on Sunday. I am currently 37 weeks. The reason for the induction is the fact that my blood pressure keeps rising and I have recently come down with a serious upper respiratory infection. Anyhow...I am now very because it is so close, but also because I dont know a whole lot about the induction process. This is what I have been told...on Sunday night I will go in for Cytotec and then on Monday I will be given Pitocin if need be.. Can you please share your stories? I am currently 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced..they have warned me that being induced increases my chances of a c-section. Please share any info you have!!


cindernar - January 19

I was 3 cm and I think 50 percent when I was induced. Once I got Pitocin, it was pretty much immediate. I gave birth about 11 hours later, but it would've been sooner except my son was transverse, and the doc gave him a little time to turn, which he did. I would've probably had a C-section if he hadn't. It's really pretty simple: the give you Pitocin, which is a pill (mine was, anyway), and then hook you up to monitors and, for mine anyway, an IV and a machine that monitors your blood pressure. You'll probably do fine!


Lala - January 19

the pill is cytotec.


cindernar - January 19

OK, I may be getting deliveries mixed up. I delivered my first son with cytotec, which is a pill. I guess the pitocin is what they put in the IV. Regardless, the contractions began very soon thereafter.


cindernar - January 19

Well, I just Googled pitocin, and apparently they do have it in pill form. So now I'm confused because I don't remember if I took a pill with my 3-year-old or not.


Danielle19 - January 19

don't want to scare you but when i was induced they did the cytotec at night then the next morning they give pitocin and i had mild contractions for about 7 hours and i didn't dialate at all so they sent me home and i had to come back 2 days later and do it all again except the second time they broke my water and i had my baby like 3 hours after that, i don't know any one that had to have a c-section that was induced, good luck


Tammy276 - January 19

When I was induced w/ my son, I was 3cm and 100% effaced...I had been that way for at least 3 weeks already. I went in and around 7 or so they started my pitocin, broke my water around 9 or so and I was pushing by 11:00...The pitocin worked great for me, but it gives you some painful contractions. Basically they come on a little harder and stronger than if you were in labor naturally. The reason they telll you that being induced has a higher risk of c-section is because sometimes the iduction doesn't always take, and if they have already broken your water and see that you are not progressing, they have to do a c-section. Also, sometime the baby doesn't tolerate the strenght and frequency of the contractions too well so that would be another reason for a section...But try not to worry. YOu are already dialatiing and effacing, which means your body is rready. so they cytotec they stick in you to help ripen your cervix and this along can cause you to go into labor...If it just effaces you, and you don't start to dialate, they will start you on the pitocin drip the next day.


lilaggie2002 - January 19

Thank You Ladies! It has taken me a whole day but I think i am finally comfortable with this idea....just took me by surprise!! Up until the last week I have had a healthy pregnancy...and then all of a sudden...high bp and a respiratory infection....just hit me so quickly I didnt know what to think! Thank you for your kind words. Look's like I'll be posting a birth story sometime next week. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers please!!



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