Discharge Or Leaking

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kj - January 4

Hello, I am 27 weeks pregger and for a while now I have been having heavy discharge, which I know is normal with pregnancy. But lately, I have been wondering if this discharge is actually me leaking amniotic fluid? How do I know the difference? Sometime I will feel really wet down there and I will go to the bathroom and there will just be a colorless wet spot. I'm not sure if it is discharge or what. Its colorless so lately I have been wondering what is something is wrong. I asked my doctor about the discharge a while ago and of course I know it is normal, but how can I know if I am leaking or not? Sometimes the wetness will go through my underwear - not soaking me or anything. Sorry for all the information. I feel like when I ask my doctor about the discharge all he will say is it is normal. I want to be sure its not leaking you know????


terri - January 4

kj, i competely understand where you are coming from. i am the same way.. espically lasy night throughout the night and this morning when i got up. it just felt like i was wettign myself.lol. i am not sure though what it is. but i know it feels gross as anything. if you find out anything please share. sorry i wasnt much help but i am in the same boat and 40 weeks pregnant + 3 days.


Ashley - January 4

Ask your Dr at your next appointment to check if it is amniotic fluid. Its a simple exam and he can tell you almost right away. If you do have any sort of tear in the amniotic sack its important to identify early on- because of the big risk of infection. More likely then not you are just experiencing a change in the discharge and/or leaking urine. I thought I had a tear and had my Dr check- sure enough just leaking urine- but it never smelled or looked yellowish- just a strange (wonderfully gross) pregnancy thing.


Angela in California - January 5

my doctor said that if it's amniotic fluid thtat it will keep coming - i.e. you can't really stay dry. if it's just an occasional wet spot it's probably urine. it's pretty easy to leak pee in the 3rd trimester.


Bridget - January 5

I had this happen today for the first time (I'm 33 weeks) and I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid too. Thanks for the info cuz I was worried. The only thing that kept me from the hospital was that it did stop, But it seemed like so MUCH. All the little PG secrets I'm learning with my first, hahaha.


kj - January 5

I actually have an appointment this afternoon and will let everyone know what the doctor says. But after your comments, I think its just discharge or urine, cause it is only once and awhile - not all the time. But better safe than sorry! I'll let you know what the doc says!


MeM - January 5

kj I have been expierncing this as well. IT got so bad yesterday I had to change my pants, so I called my dr and she told me to come in. She did an internal and the reason I was discharging so much is because I had a bacterial infection...so I'd be safe than sorry. My dr gave me some cream yesterday and it should start working. I wish you luck!! :)


Daytona - January 5

I get that also..i am 26 weeks and it just comes out all of a sudden..but no color..just like i put water onto my underware or something. No smell or nothing its very weird.


kj - January 5

Hi girls, well I went to the doctor, I have a yeast infection. I've had one in my entire life and TWO since I have been preggers. Oh well, it's worth it. Its really mild, so he I only have to do a one dose medication, which is good cause that stuff is gross. I also have an infected hair follicle "down there". So much fun!!!



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