Doctor Wrote This Ft 50 1

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marianne - March 5

I'm 36.5 weeks. I had a doctor appointment today and he wrote this. I know it is about my effacement, but what else? The Ft? And is -1 about dialation? I'm hoping for a 37 weeker. Highly doubtful, but a girl can dream. Hehe


Krissy25 - March 5

Not 100% sure but ft might mean finger tip so maybe about 1 cm. you are 50% effaced and at -1 station (that means how far the head is down.


marianne - March 5

gosh thanks. if that is how far the head is down - what number does the scale go to? 10? thanks again:)


Krissy25 - March 5

The scale goes from -5 to 5, -5 means the head is floating and is not down at all. 5 means the baby is so low that it is crowning. So your baby's head is down in the pelvis and is pretty much engaged.


DDT - March 5

A finger tip dilated would be 1/2-1cm dilated. 50% is effacement, and -1 is the station of baby's head. 0 being engaged. It goes -2,-1,0,1,2.


fefer1 - March 5

-4 would mean the baby is coming out. :)


fefer1 - March 5

OOPS, I meant +4.... sorry!


marianne - March 5

you girls are so smart - thanks :) so does everyone have the count down going? I definitely do. Somedays 3 weeks doesn't sound very long at all and somedays it sounds like forever. Nerves I'm sure. Good luck ladies.


marianne - March 5

one more question.... for the ladies who have had a child before. Do any of you remember how far long you were when you had these measurements? After reading what you guys explained I am pretty hopeful that there is a chance she could come soon. My doc today did say that she will not go late, but he did not say a thing about her coming early. Thanks again for all the info - a light bulb went on at this end. heehee


DDT - March 6

When I had my first internal (at 39w3d) with my 1st pregnancy I was 70% effaced, 0cm dilated & baby was at the -2 station. I ended up going into labout 3 days later. I am afraid to say that the measurements given are not a good indication of when you will go into labour. Some women walk around for weeks at 4cm dilated before they go into labour, while others can be 0cm dilated and go into labour the next day.


Krissy25 - March 6

My birth experience was a little different, just before 37 weeks we found out our dd was breech, so my doctor scheduled a c-section for a few days befor my due date, she checked me any way and told me i was only slightly effaced and i had no siginifcant dialation, and of course she didn't even mention stations. So i figured my baby would not come early but just a few days later my water broke unexpectantly and i started to go into labor, but i had my c-section before i progressed too far. So really anything can happen but your body is definetly preparing for labor so hopefully not too much longer for you.


lsarn - March 7

I'm an L&D nurse-fft is fingertip/50% effaced,-1 is where the baby's head is! Hope this helps, but I see Krissy 25 is right on! Good Luck,and keep that Baby in for another week or two!


bubbles_99 - March 7

i am 3m and have been for almost a week... i went for two weeks with being 2cm... so yu baby is surly on its way... good luck...xoxoxo savina



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