Does Anyone Feel Like Your Doctor Is Lying And It Is Twins

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mommietobe - April 24

This is my second pg. I know everyone pg is different, but I've outgrown all my pg clothes I was able to wear the entire 9 mths the first time. I have PCOS so my periods are very irregular, so I don't know for sure when lmp was. I'm 28wks with a due date of July 18, but having a scheduled cs July 5. At the beginining of my pg they thought it was twins because of the size of my uterus. I had an ultrasound at 8 wks and they found a fibroid up at the top of my uterus. Well, I had another ultrasound at 20 wks, found out it was a boy, but tech didn't see fibroid any longer. I started to lose pieces of mucus plug at 24 wks, Dr. not concerned as it was small piece. What do you lady's think? I was overweight at the begining of pg but lost 12lbs right off the bat and I've only gained 7 total so far.


3babies - April 24

Hi mommietobe, I would doubt that an us at 20 weeks would miss twins especially if they checked around for the fibroid, but sometimes mums have a feeling about these things. Are you getting much movement? From what I have read, movements with twins are pretty different to what you feel with a singleton. I would imagine by 28 weeks, you would have a good idea of twins, having been pregnant before. Have you had your gestational diabetes check yet? That could account for being bigger. Good luck!


mommietobe - April 24

Hi 3 babies, I would say I have alot more movement this time around, but I guess that could account for just an active baby. I did have gestational diabetes with my first. I was pre-screened at 22 wks and just barely pa__sed it, by two pts. I have to have it re-checked in two days. That is a very good possibility as to why I'm bigger. The thing about my 20 wk us is the tech literaly turned the machine on and off , the whole thing lasted 7 min at the most, for some reason I get these nasty us tech's that aren't very nice. I've heard of hidden twin, kind of freaks me out. Dh and I beleive all children are a blessing, but the thought of twins is a litttle scary.



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