Dont Feel So Good This Morning

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dedaa - January 19

Well i will be 37 weeks on Saturday. The last two days though have not been feeling too well. Yesterday I satrted getting BH at around 1pm and they continued on all night long. Now this morning im feeling so nauseated and it sucks I cant eat or drink anything i feel as if its going to come right back up.At the end of pregnancy it always seems like somethings gotta be wrong. Just last week i had absolutely no energy then all of the sudden I finally got some and tons of it and now im back to feeling like c__p. I got so much stuff to do. Im leaving tommorrow for an 8 hour boat ride and about a 10 hour drive. I need some energy so I can get things done. Anybody else feeli like they just cant seem to get anything done?


tritty - January 19

i've actually been having a lot of the same symptoms as you. it's hard to believe that last week this time i spend 11 hours one day cleaning and today i can barely drag my b___t out of bed. i had contractions for 2 days and then they stopped and the following day i had a lot of nausea. frustrating. i just keep saying.... it's almost over! i hope you can get everything done that you need to!


dedaa - January 19

Hey thanks Tritty!!! Nice to know im not alone. I hate not being able to do anything I have a 14 month old and 5 year old who want my attention but I just dont seem to have enough energy to really do anything. I cant wait till they can have their mom back and im sure they cant wait either. Hopefully we both get some energy and get what ever we need done before our little ones come.


Maggie - January 19

Dedaa, I would really skip the traveling if I were you. You sound exactly like me before I went into labor. I just don't think laboring on a boat would be too much fun. Take care and good luck.


dedaa - January 19

Well I went to my doctor today and got examined and im not dialating or anything so should be good to cross over the boat. I would cancel the trip if I could but do not have much of a choice. My dh is leaving for a month and with my two little ones I wont be able to have the baby here by myself. I dont have any family around here or anyhing and nobody that could even watch the kids for me. So kinda puts me in a bad place just got to hope for the best nothing will happen.



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