Falls During Pregnancy

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missy046 - September 30

I know I need to call my doctor but I am wondering if anyone has fallen during the pregnancy. Today at work I fell landing on my right side. I was basically squished between two hard objects. I got up right away but now my lower back hurts a little. I assume it is muscle but I am worried about pregnancy complications that can occur. Any comments would be a great help. God Bless!


r1209 - September 30

I fell a couple of weeks ago when it was raining outside... I fell with my arms and legs out and kinda slid down a little hill. I was like 37 weeks preggo... I started crying cuz I was so upset over it. My back and arms were sore for a couple of days after. It was upsetting, but the baby is very well protected. Just let your doctor know that you are concerned. I'm sure your little one is safe and sound.. You are probably more banged up then they were! I had a friend who was in a very bad car accident and her tummy hit the wheel when she was 38 weeks pregnant and the baby was perfectly safe. Just watch your kicks!! Good luck. :)


missy046 - September 30

Thank you I was hoping for some re-a__surance before I go to bed. It was a weird fall to explain. I was in the back of a moving ambulance (working as a paramedic) when the driver slammed on the breaks to avoid a dog thus causing me to slid off the bench seat and onto the floor, caught between the litter and the seat I was sitting on. My blood pressure has gone up a little bit but I think it is just me worrying so I will call my doctor in the morning, that's what they are paid for, right?


January - September 30

At 22wks, I fell ON my stomach while walking the dog.. then at 30wks, I fell on my left side. Both times I called the dr and went in. All they do is listen for a heart beat. Ask if you broke your water when you fell and tell you that you'll be sore for up to 2wks and I was the first time.. second time just a couple of days. They told me that falls RARELY result in any problem that the baby inside their sac is VERY safe.


missy046 - September 30

Thank you January! Suprisingly I feel pretty good today. So hopefully that keeps up.



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