Fat Fingers In The Middle Of The Night

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Jennifer123 - December 4

Just recently in the past couple of weeks (I'm 37 weeks now) have I started having noticable swelling in my hands. The worst is in the middle of the night though - I can barely close my hands in a fist. In the morning when I get moving it goes back to just fat little fingers but is anyone else experiencing this in the middle of the night? I get up to pee and my hands hurt!


babydreams - December 4

Hey Jennifer, I have this too. I'm almost 39 weeks, and I'd say it's been going on for about 4 weeks or so. My blood pressure is low, so I'm not worried about anything major, and neither is my doc, but I think this just has to do with the amount of water we're retaining at the end. Pregnancy is tough on our bodies, as evident in our hands! My feet have also gotten a bit marshmallow-like (lovely, I know), but the hands are the worst. They're swollen in the daytime too, but the nights are bad. Yeah, when I get up to pee (like 5 times a night!!) my hands hurt too. It's painful to make a fist. I've found that it has to do with the position I'm sleeping in. I think when our hands are already swollen, sleeping on them a certain way makes them painful. I hope you are doing OK!


clm82 - December 4

I've heard that drinking lots of water can help with the swelling. It may not eliminate the swelling, but it could reduce it some. Just a thought. GL.


baby-love - December 4

Google carpal tunnel syndrome...very common in pregnancy. I've had it both pregnancies, still dealing with it after delivery while I lose extra water weight. Nights and mornings are the worst.


silencingtearsofhope - December 4

i haven't had too much swelling yet but my hands go numb all the time. I guess i have the swelling to look forward too?



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