Gestational Diabetes Test

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mgn - January 29

i have to go for blood work next week to see if i have GD. what should i expect? do i have to drink something and if so what does it taste like?? YUK!


jennifer_33106 - January 29

You have to drink a orange soda flavored drink in less then 5 or 10 min if I remember right and then wait there for an hour. Then they take blood and youll find out the results from your doctor. The drink is not that bad tasting. It did make me feel like I had too much sugar and honestly a little sick to my stomache but then I found out that I only pa__sed my test by like 3 points. Most people though that I talk to say they dont feel odd after drinking it. I would take a book or something though to keep you busy.


Chris1975 - January 29

I quite liked the flavour of the was like one of those lolly water drinks altho i wouldnt wanna drink it all the time! hehe....yea waiting the hour can get boring, altho while i was there, the girls behind the desk were struggling setting up a PC and it was comical to watch so my time pa__sed pretty quickly and i never even opened my book. After u wait the hour they take bloodwork and let u go.... Good luck!


My1stBaby - January 30

Hi, I just had it about two weeks ago. You go in they have you drink a very sugary drink. It does not taset good at all. It tastes like a flat soda but worse more syrupy. If you have to fast first it might make your stomach hurt. Then you wait an hour and they will take your blood. Not to bad, but if you have to go back for the three hour test like I did that one is even worse.


jennifer_33106 - January 30

Nemo! How are you doing!? Are you talking about the 3 hour test you have to take after it comes back positive? I ask because I didnt have to fast before mine. Thats odd if they made you take that one first unless you showed other signs.



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