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patty - October 22

I keep hearing about s_x and its ability to induce labor (sometimes) but my question is this....If you have lost your mucus plug which is supposed to keep foreign matter from going to far in then is it really safe to have s_x once it is gone??? I understand the amniotic sac should still be surrounding the baby and you would know if this was leaking (water breaking) but this question came to me and I hoped it has occured to others who may have gotten an answer already.....thank you for your replies :-)


Jl - October 22

As long as your water has not broken, you can have all the s_x you want. As far as inducing labor, I am 40 weeks 3 days prego and having s_x at least once a day for the past 3 weeks has not helped me out!!


Ca__sie - October 22

My doc said (when I asked when and if we should stop having intercourse) that we could keep having s_x until if felt uncomfortable. Well, it has been uncomfortable for a while, but I know hubby doesn't want to stop with me being 33 weeks! lol!


Ranya - October 23

I'm also wondering...since the doctor can feel the baby's head during an internal exam (after the baby's dropped), does that mean dh can reach it during intercourse? Regarding the s_x and the plug and infections, it's ok as long as the sac is intact...


Christy - October 24

I have read that you should use condoms if you are going to continue to have s_x in the third trimester because the plug's integrity could be poor and you have a higher risk of pa__sing infection to the baby. I believe it is also thought that the prostaglandins in the s____n could trigger contractions, which would not be good before 37 weeks. With that said, from what I have read, it doesn't sound like there is a great deal of research to support this one way or another, so I would just go with what your doctor said.



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