Has Anyone Else Been Diagnosed With PUPP

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Sonya - August 23

It seems I am the only pregnant woman ever diagnosed with PUPP ( a rash which happens in very few pregnancies). Has anyone else been diagnosed with this and if so do you want to chat. It would sure help to have a budy to go through this with.


theresa - August 25

i am 39 weeks and i have had this for the past 9 weeks and its driving me crazy!


Sonya - August 25

Finally someone else. What have you been doing to treat it? Is this your first pregnancy? Sorry you have it, but it is sooo rare, I would love to have someone to chat with about it.


theresa - August 25

my doc told me to use benedryl cream which helps for a little bit but really not long.The best thing i have found is oatmeal dry skin spray from avon and when i spray it on the area that is itching i dont rub it in.I keep it with me everywhere i go.This is my second pregnancy and second time having it.But the last time i only had it for the last two weeks.


Sonya - August 25

Thersa, I had it with my first pregnancy too, but only the last week or so and then a week or so after my c-section. I was really praying not to get it again. I will look into the avon spray, my sister sells it so I hope it works. I have found by searching the internet that different things work for different people. Luckily I am not currently working so I don't go out in the heat unless necessary. I take cool showers, cold compresses help and the benadryl cream. My Dr. will give me oral steroids but we are trying to wait until later since I still have six weeks to go. Good Luck to you.


curious - August 25

what exactly is PUPP anyways, for those of us who dont have it?


Sonya - August 25

It is a rash that begins on your belly on the stretchmarks and as it progresses turns to hives and spreads. It itches worse than anything you can imagine and there is really not a lot that can be done about it. It is not dangerous to mother or baby, just annoying. It almost always goes away after delivery, but can linger for a couple of weeks. The cause is somewhat unknown, there are different therories. Only about 1% of woman get it, and it is usually when carrying boys. You can google it, but there is not a lot of information out there. I have only known one other person who has had it in my circle of friends and past coworkers.


theresa - August 25

you know i have heard a couple of times that it usually happens when carrying a boy and im supposed to be having a girl.everyone who sees me also says im having a boy!


Sonya - August 26

The one girl I know who had this had a girl, so I guess there are exceptions to that rule. My first child was a boy and I am supposed to be having a boy this time too. My sister looked in her Avon book and couldn't fin the oatmeal spray, how long ago did you get it???


theresa - August 26

i just got some more of it in campaign 17.Its a white bottle called moisture therapy and it has oatmeal in it.It says that it is for dry skin but it works.I also have the body lotion and body conditioner.Hope you find it



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