Having Hard Time Introducing Solid Food

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me - November 27

Today is my second day trying to introduce solid food to my 41/2 mth old. I gave him rice cereal, first few spoons went great, after that he keep crying, kicking, and turning his head until I can't even feed him. Does it always this hard??? Do you guys have any suggestion to make meal more enjoyable. My baby keeps putting his hand into his mouth and the other hand pulling the bib..I tried to keep his hands busy, but no succeed


Swtpea - November 27

Hmm... maybe try watering it down a little more, and see how that goes, if he's not willing to eat more than 3 or 4 then just do that for a while until he'll eat more. I'd fix a little cereal and have a bottle READY, give him what he'll take of the cereal and if he starts fussing or turns away from the spoon, try finishing with the bottle. It may just be he's not ready? But the hands and bib issue... is just going to take patience. Scoop the cereal, have it ready, put the bowl down, bring it to his mouth and keep your other hand free to either "play with" or "divert" his other hand(s). Maybe give him a toy for one hand, just be aware he'll prolly try to stick that in his mouth too. Dont let yourself get frustrated... the cereal can take a couple wks to get down on his end, to understand what is going on. SO... if after the first few bites he wont eat, dont force it, but try again a little later. Make smaller servings and just do it a lil more often until its down. Keep an extra towel or wet wipe or wet cloth by yourside to wipe away what doesnt go down so that if his hands get in there, ... not so much will be on him to clean up later. G'luck, and I hope it gets easier. Just patience... dont let it frustrate you, dont set a "time frame" for him to finish with in, otherwise you're hurried and it stresses both of you out. =o) Take care.



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