Help Frequent Braxton Hicks Contractions In 31 Weeks

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gigi112626 - March 30

Hi everyone, This is my first baby. I started having braxton hicks contractions around 24 weeks, right now I'm 31 weeks due. It seems that my braxton hicks contractions is getting more and more frequent now. I check some the website, which says that no more than 4 times in one hour is in the normal range. but i'm way beyond that range. also i had menstruation cramp and backache few days ago. I'm worry that i'll have pre-term baby. I checked with my doc, the baby looks fine at this stage through scan. and my cervix shows no sign of dilation. In terms of the contactions, he said there is nothing that he can do. Does anyone has similar experience? Should I worry as a serious matter? Thanks!


Kristin11 - March 30

I have had alot of bh contractions throughput this pregnancy. Dont worry it is normal. If your doctor isnt worried you shouldnt be. I am now almost 38 weeks and still going strong!! Good luck.


SaraH - March 30

Hey Gigi, I'm at 39w's now and have been having BH's since I was 16.5 w's. They have been hard and I have had way way more then the "normal" 4 an hour. I went to the ER at 17w's b/c I had more then 10 in one hour. When they started they also made my sides hurt (I don't think it was b/c they were so hard, as I’ve had much harder ones now, but that they were so frequent that they really pulled and fatigued my muscles that weren't used to it), but I got very use to them and they no longer make my sides ach at all. They have, however, progressively gotten harder since they started, and it has not been uncommon to have ones that are very uncomfortable (some have actually been painful ---hard enough to make me nauseous while it's occurring and feel like I really have to pee). Since they started, I’ve almost always had more then 4 an hour too. I've probably averaged 4 - 6+ and hour depending on the day. I was really worried about possible preterm labor too (especially since they started so early in my pregnancy), but here I am at 39w's and still no baby. I did find that increasing my magnesium and calcium intake helped reduce the frequency and intensity of the contractions (my doc okayed the Mg supplement and also suggested increasing my pota__sium as well). Also staying really really hydrated helps (drink a lot of water, as BH's occur more frequently if you're not getting enough fluids). Lying down on your left side might help too if they get really frequent (drink some water then lie down). Even w/ all the contractions I’ve had, the baby didn't drop until about 35 w's, and I didn't start dilating until 36 w's (I'm 3 cm dilated and have been for more then a week now). The contractions that have caused me to dilate have been very uncomfortable, but no harder then some of the stronger BH's I've had. The only real difference has been that the actual, "doing something," contractions have lasted for hours, have all been hard/very uncomfortable contractions, and have been consistently 5 minutes apart the inter time (a couple weeks ago they lasted for over 15 hr at 5 min apart --went to L&D and they gave me a sleep aid which helped get rid of them.-- I also had a day last week were the contractions lasted for 9-10 hr at 5 minutes). It's been difficult to know if the contractions are real or not but they have never gotten harder over time or closer then about 5 minutes. While we were into L&D for all of those contractions 2 weeks ago, they did an u/s to measure the fluid levels around the baby. When I saw my doc a couple days later she said that I have a lot of fluid. She said it's still in the normal range but that it's higher then most ppl and on the very high end of “normal.” She said that this could be why I’ve had so many contractions and a lot of abdominal pain this pregnancy. Her guess is that the extra fluid has stretched and pulled my muscles/ligaments/etc. quicker then normal and that that has caused all of the cramping and uterine irritability So, no idea, but maybe that's a possibility for you too??? Anyways, I've been where you're at; I've always had way more then the "4 an hour," and I've had many uncomfortable, if not painful, BH's as well (often have had to sit down and breath through them). So, while I'd say get checked out if they start getting close together or progressively harder over a few hours time, it's quite possible that even w/ them being very frequent (and even somewhat painful) that you'll still go full term. Just keep your doc up to date, stay hydrated, and try to relax. Good luck.


gigi112626 - March 30

hey SaraH, thanks so much. it did meke me feel better.
actually the BHs i got are not that painful, but i just notice it since my belly tightens so often now. i said like almost every hour, at least 6 per hour (except while i'm not awake), but even when i wake up in the middle of night, i found myself have BHs. also those menstruation cramps and backache that i had one day scared me, i wouldn't say painful, but very uncomfortable. then one early morning, i had 10 mins of lower abdominal Pain and backache, which i had to deep breath. it totally freak me out, but lucky it hasn't happened again so far. when you went to the ER at 17ws, did they give you any medication? my doc said he would give me pethidine if the pain gets worse. i'm trying to drink more water now and stopped pre-natal yoga, and long hours shopping, hope the situation will get better. :)
In terms of dilation, sorry that i'm not quite understand here. I always thought that once you start to dilate, it's the sign of labor. they would induce the labor if the dilation stops in the middle of the labor. Correct me if i'm wrong.
also good luck with your labor!


Kristin11 - March 30

gigi many women go weeks or months with minor dialation, I believe you must be at least 4cm for them to keep you in the hospital.


gigi112626 - March 30

Hi Kristin, have you dilated yet? i think i might got it wrong, maybe they'll allow u in labor if the water is broken or u start to bleed?


Kristin11 - March 30

Yes i am 2 cm's and cervis is completely softened. Yes if your water breaks you must deliver with in 24 hours i believe and they will not send you home. If you are bleeding heavier then a period they will not send you home.


Kristin11 - March 30

With my dd they actually induced me because my labor stalled and i stopped dialiting at 3cms but my water had broken so i needed to have the baby.


Tammy276 - March 30

I had BH contractions from about 18 weeks on and the closer I got to my due date, the more frequent they came and the more uncomfortable they were. If you are gertting a lot of them, try drinking more water throughout the day, that should help a little bit. Having BH contractions does not mean you are going to have preterm labor. It just means that your body is preparing and chances are you will have an easier labor.


SaraH - March 30

gigi, as Kristin said, many women dilate long before they are in actual "labor." Once you are past 3 cm you are considered in active labor and that is the pt that I believe they wont send you home at. Also like Kristin said, if your water breaks they want you to deliver w/in 24 hr's (that's here in the US. I believe the UK lets you go longer then 24hr's, but I could be mistaken). As far as meds go, my doc has never offered me anything. Since the BH's weren't causing me to dilated or actually go into labor there wasn't a need for meds to stop them. When I did start dilating at 36w's, I was considered more then far enough along for it to be fine (some women start dilating much earlier then that even and still carry to term).


wailing - March 31

GIGI. I am 29 wks and the EXACT same thing happened to me. I had really bad BH w/ menstrual cramping after a long walk. My Dr. said that if u are 30+ wks they only worry when u have 6 or more BH in an hour. Alot of it can be caused by not drinking enough water also, and b/c the baby moves to a head down position. As long as Dr says baby looks fine, I wouldn't worry...just make sure u take it easy and stay hydrated:) Your body is just getting ready for labor!! Good Luck



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