How Much Do You Have To Be Dilated Effaced To Induce

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Krista - August 15

I've heard that Doc's dont like to induce unless they can see that your body is semi ready for it...usually with some dilation or make sure the induction will work. How far dilated/effaced to they like you to be?


Patti - August 15

I was 2cm and 50% effaced last week. My Dr. said he could induce easily, if it were time, which it wasn't/isn't. So I know that 2cm and 50% is good. I go tomorrow and will find out if I've made anymore progress. Fingers crossed!


Krista - August 15

How come he said it wasn't "time" when is the right "time?" I'm just over 37 weeks and at my last appt I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced...I would like my doc to induce at my 39 week mark...hopefully he will.


Patti - August 15

I was just over 36 weeks at my last appt. so even though the cervix was ripe for induction, it was too early for the baby. Dr. did offer to induce at 39 weeks if I wanted. I'd rather go on my own, but I'm so uncomfortable now, I may take him up on it. If you are 1 cm and 50% I would think your cervix would be ready for induction at 39 weeks. I think it's more important to be effaced than dilated when being induced. Good luck to you!


Krista - August 15

Oh, yeah...36 weeks is probably a little early to induce. I keep hearing about all these doctors saying they'll induce at 39 weeks if the mother wants too...I hope my doc feels the same way. I see your point on wanting it to come on it's own...I would LOVE for my little one to come along...but it seems to me he's going to try to be late or on the "dates" I gave my doc my original DD was Sept 3rd...then the ultrasound showed Aug 27 (one week earlier) so it seems like I'd only be 39 weeks...but truly could be 40. I just would like him out by then because my doc was already affraid he wouldn't fit through my pelvis if he got too big (and I DONT want a c-section if I can help it) plus my back aches SO bad (my baby is facing the wrong direction so I'm going to have back labor)..I cant sleep or even walk at times and it brings me to tears. My heartburn is so bad I take TWO pepcid AC's everyday and tums like crazy... Not to mention I'm starting training for a new job on Oct 2nd and would like to be home with him for at least 3-4 weeks before sending him to I need time to heal. I'm hoping that since I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced at 36 1/2 39 weeks I should be a little further along to where inducing wouldn't be an issue..but who knows. Do you have a young doctor? I've heard the younger ones seem to be more okay with inducing...where the older ones seem to be more against it...mine is old =( My next appt is on Thurs...I'll have to let you know what he says.


julesnac - August 15

especially since your baby is posterior, i would definitely try to let it go naturally. inductions cause more painful and intense contractions and with a large posterior baby ( i had the same) it was so unbearable that even with an epidural i wound up with a csection. its going to go how it will but i would recommend try ing to avoid the inductoin if you can. and you may be having to put of that october 2nd start date. that's a little to soon to go back to work. a lot of day cares won't even take children younger than 6 weeks.


Krista - August 15

I see your point...but...if I wait too long he WILL be too big to fit through my pelvis and I'll HAVE to have a c-section...=( I dont want to wait until he really wont fit...dang! I just dont know what to do. And I cant push out the Oct 2nd start date because it's the last training cla__s for the whole year and I have to take it...because my current employer is closing their doors... I'm just screwed if I do and screwed if I dont...DANG =(


Krista - August 15

I guess my baby still has at least a couple weeks to come on his own... before I would do anything anyway....I should probably just start walking a lot or something.


Patti - August 15

Krista, My Dr. is older, but said when the cervix is ripe and mommy and baby are healthy they can do it. Also, I tend to go quick once I get to 4-5 cm. I was induced with my 2nd because my water broke, but I had no contractions. It was horrible until I got my epidural and then it was wonderful. I was able to feel everything, but no pain. Of course everyone is different and react differently. Not to mention who's giving the epidurals. I know there are women who oppose inductions, but I think it's an individual choice. Do what you are comfortable with and what the Dr. feel is safe and don't worry about anyone else. I've done it both ways and both deliveries and babies were healthy.


Krista - August 16

Thanks Patti.. I have noticed that a lot of people are against inducing... But if the baby is full term and perfectly ready to come out...I really dont see the harm in helping it along. I guess I'll just see what my doc says tomorrow...and go from there. =)


Laurabb4 - August 16

Hi look up "bishops score online" it is what the doctors use to see if your body is ready to be induced.


Krista - August 16

Very interesting...gosh...I'm only at like a 3 right now I guess...hopefully I progress further within the next couple weeks.


sahmof3 - August 16

This is a good question. With my first (my only one I had labor with and only one that wasn't a scheduled c-section) I was induced because I went into labor on my own at 41 weeks 6 days, but it wasn't progressing well, so they gave me pitocin. But, I don't know if I was effaced (doubt it) and I never got past 1/2 cm in the entire 24 hour labor, so I wonder what criteria they used?? Sorry, no answers here, just more questions about my own:)



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