Huggies Or Pampers

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Nervousmommy2b - March 20

Just curious as to what kinda diapers everyone prefers. I've heard huggies are thicker and more absorbant than pampers, but every hospital I've been has used pampers. I'm just trying to get an idea of what kind to get. Thanks everyone!


mjvdec01 - March 20

Pampers are by far the superior diaper, more expensive, yes, but softer and well worth the money in the beginning. FYI, Pamper Swaddlers newborn are smaller than Huggies newborn, so start with Pampers, then switch to huggies and then to Pampers size 1. It took me a few days to figure this out, in the mean time we had a lot of leaks to clean up. Now my daughter is two and I buy Luvs, the new ones with the stretch sides. They work great and they average out to about 18cents a piece. I did use Pamper thru size 3.


amanda17 - March 20

My sister thinks Pampers are better, my neighbor thinks Huggies are better. You just have to try each of them out to see what you like. I've been baby sitting my nephew who usually has Pampers but we got a free sample of Huggies, so I've been using both. To tell you the truth I can't tell much of a difference, both provide leakage protection. I will say that Huggies are a bit more stiff whereas Pampers are a bit softer and better for children just learning to crawl or walk.


sarah21 - March 20

In my experience with 4 nieces and one nephew (all but the nephew lived with me for a year) we used Huggies. We tried pampers and couldn't stand them. Now at my baby shower I got both kinds so I am going to try both and see if I still like the Pampers better. I'd buy both and try them out-- every baby is different and apparently their poop is, too. ;)


sarah21 - March 20

Duh! I mean see if I still like Huggies better. What an idiot I am. Lol.


RMC - March 20

I prefer Pampers to Huggies anytime. I only use Huggies when I get a free sample in the mail. I don't like Luvs either, I experienced a TON of leaks with them.


EricaG - March 20

The only diaper I will use on my daughter is Huggies. She's been wearing them since she came home from the hospital and is now 20 months. They used pampers in the hospital and I think they sucked. I will try a few different kinds on this new baby (a boy) and see what works best for him.


ROBYN - March 20

huggies supreme is what i use for my newborn son


Krissy25 - March 20

I actually like them both and i use both, it just depends what's on sale and what i have good coupons for. Huggies seems to have a thicker diaper but i haven't experienced any leaks with either. What i do like about Pampers is they have the size 2-3 diaper which is what my dd is in now, they seem to fit her just right.


ChattyKathy - March 20

I've heard white cloud is just like huggies except less expensive. I got some for my baby shower and regular huggies, too, so we'll see!


mjvdec01 - March 20

I tried the White Cloud diaper just to see and ended up throwing away the pack after using just one. They were horrible.


cblack - March 21

I have used both, and I think it is just your feel, and what seems to fit your baby best. I say dont buy all one brand, buy one or two of a couple different brands and you will find out which ones work best for you. I prefer huggies much more over pampers... but I have a friend that prefers pampers, then another friend that prefers luvs. Like I said totally a preference thing once your lo arrives! Good luck!!


kayleighs - April 13

Pampers uses perfume in their diapers and can cause a reaction as babies can be allerigc to them:s


fefer1 - April 13

I've used both - and luvs - I think I end up with pampers most of the time, just depends on which ones are on sale. :)


coco797 - April 15

I agree. I think it's whatever works better for yout lo. The hospital gave us Pampers but i found that as DD got to be a couple weeks old, Pampers leaked. She now uses Huggies and hasn;t leaked since.


MsMonet - April 16

I have used Pampers, Huggies and Luvs. Bought all 3 to see what I liked best and I definately do not like Luvs. Too thin and leak. I am going to stick with Pampers and Huggies. Preferably Pampers...


sterlinberlin05 - April 16

I personally just can't stand the smell of pampers. I think they're a lot thinner than huggies too. I've always used huggies but it seems like all the kids I babysit use pampers and it seems like you can just feel the wetness comming through them. But they are cheaper so try them they may work for you!



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