Icy Hot Sensation IN The Belly

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IzzyB - January 27

my wife is 34 wks pregnant, and is having like waves of icy-hot feelings inside her tummy. she says its like a combination of a hot flash and a cold chill at one time- but its inside the stomach. we've been through the normal aches and pains, but this one seems kinda different.
Any thoughts? Anything to worry about?


tiphanai - January 27

OMG, someone else is getting this too?
I'm 37 weeks, but for the last few weeks I have been getting a similar sensation. I liken it to the feeling of cold or hot water being poured on the top of my belly, right below my left b___st. The first few times it happened I actually put my hands in my shirt to see if I was leaking, but there was no fluid. Just that really strange sensation! My midwife said there is a very wide range of normal pregnancy effects, and this is probably just one of them (although she's never heard of it before)


IzzyB - February 2

I'm glad I'm not alone! I called my doctor about it and she asked me to come in. After she confirmed that everything was great, she also informed me that my hot belly flashes were likely a side-affect of the contractions I have been having! Apparently, I am having them pretty regularly - even when I don't feel them like BH contractions. She said it is nothing to worry about since my cervix is not ready for the big event yet - but it did make me awfully nervous!!!



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