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monica - July 23

i am 39 weeks pregnant...had lots of menstrual like cramps last night and this morning when i wiped there was a little bit of pink blood on the tissue and what looked like brown blood in the toilet. - July 23

My guess is that those pains were contractions and you've lost your plug. "Bloody show" BUT !!! whenever there's blood involved in a pregnancy you should always contact your doctor just to be sure.


monica - July 23

i did call...nurse told me to worry if the blood is bright red. thanks


anne - July 23

dont worry, i got the same thing last night and this morning too and i am 39 weeks today. i cant figure out where the spot came from - but i suspect it wasn't from the v____a, maybe the same for you. it was a tiny drop, no biggie. but the menstrual cramps last night and this morning were murderrrrr on me. i was soooo hormonal last night, i sat in bed crying. my husband kept asking me what was wrong and i kept pleading to be left alone. i normally dont act up like this, and this really surprised me. its like pms, *real* pms. are you feeling like this too monica? we are due around the same time...


monica - July 23

I am due july 29....I have been reading on the internet and what it looks like it is, is the bloody show. I am still wiping brown stuff. The nurse said there is changes happening in my cervix. I am also emtional a lot like pms. But last night I felt sick and I have been in the bathroom every 10 nminutes... hard to walk. Lots of braxin hicks... and very uncomfortable. This is my second pregnancy and I hear the second one comes faster. I just want to be prepared. I am just going to stay close to home today.Anne when is your due date?


Aisha - July 23

Hope both your bags are packed because your babies are on their ways. Dont worry try to rest as much as you can. You will need the rest for pushing



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