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Tracy - November 16

I was just wondering how many people if any are scared to go through labor AGAIN??? I have a 4 year old, but I am scared to go through it again. I have no idea why, and I wondered if it is just me or other people too.


kris10 - November 16

Tracy- You're not alone honey! I have a week and a half to go until my due date, and am getting really anxious about it!!My son is 2, so it hasn't been that long since I've been through it all. That just means I remember everything that much clearer! But we'll make it, it's just the waiting that is killing me too! Anyway, GL to all of us :) .


r - November 16

well this is my 3rd and with my first 2 i had them natural and they came a couple of weeks early so I really did not get a chance to be scared and start to worry my labor just came on and thank the good lord I have very quick labors cause with my 2nd I wanted to have an epidural but there was no time i was dialated all the way by the time I got to the hospital so with this one i am hoping to get the epidural but if not then well hope it goes fast too...but I think it is pretty normal to worry but thank goodness birth is a pain you forget once you look at that sweet little baby that just came out good luck and try not to let it get you too freaked out ( :


Tracy - November 17

Thank you for your responses; it makes me feel better that I am not the only one. Good Luck to both of you, and I hope you have smooth quick deliveries!!!


Tati - November 17

R you’re the same as me. This is my third. The first two were natural. With the second when I got to the hospital I was 9cm dilated. My total birth with the second was 21/2 hours. FAST AND PAINFUL. I wish everyone has a very quick labor. I am due on Dec 25 so it is scaring me but I see it this way, why wonder and be scared how it is going to be. It will come and NO ONE will do it for you. Try not to think about it so hard especially before bed because that is when it seems the scariest. Tracy when are you due?


Tracy - November 17

Tati; They are inducing on the 28th of Nov. unless I am dilated any tomorrow then he will induce tomorrow. I pray I am dilated at least a little bit!!!! I am having a girl; what about everyone else??


Tati - November 17

Are you pa__sed your due days? And how many days? I am not having a girl but I have two. They are just great. One is 3 1/2 and the other one will be two next week. My mom had 6 children two were induced and they were the hardest labors that she had. She tells everyone to wait until it is time for the baby to come. Good Luck hope you go in to labor before they have time to induce.


Tracy - November 17

My due date is actually Dec. 8, however, my doctor feels like it is easier on the women and baby to know when they are going to deliver. He also feels like it is easier for the families of the mom and dad's to know when to come to the hospital. I was 2 weeks late with my son so I am just thankful I don't have to go that long with her.



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