Made It To Third Trimester Attempting VBAC Anyone Else

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maknyle - January 24

Hello all. I have officially made it to the third trimester, and I am really happy. I can't wait for our baby to finally be here. I am attempting a VBAC, and I am curious if anyone else is trying for this. My son had the cord wrapped around his neck, and we had to have emergency C. I feel much more nervous this time around then I did with my son. I guess because I had no real idea of what was going to happen. This time I know what it is like, and I seem to feel a lot more nervous.


ShaunaLeigh - January 24

k this is my third baby but idk what a VBAC is? :S


Melissa30 - January 24

Hello Maknyle, I am going around and around in my head trying to decide wether to attempt a VBAC or not. Like you my delivery ended in an emergency C-section due to a placental abruption. I really don't want to have to have another C but there is a 10-15% chance of another abruption. Mine was sudden and I really didn't have time to get scared about the C, this time I have agonized over it since I got the BFP. I have 13 weeks left to think. How long do you have?


Melissa30 - January 24

VBAC- Vaginal Birth After Cesarean


maknyle - January 24

Melissa, I have just now entered my third trimester. I have been back and forth with it too. My doctor is planning on everything for the VBAC, but he told me I have plenty of time to change my mind. I was doing okay with the decision for a VBAC, but as I get closer I wonder if it is the right decision. I know women who have had VBACs, and they all say that it is so much better than the C.


ShaunaLeigh - January 24

ahh that's why, it wouldnt be a term id be familar with cuz ive had v____al birth both other times. thank you.


Melissa30 - January 24

Good luck to you and I hope everything goes as you plan. Of course with childbirth, planning is kind of difficult. You just never know what's going to happen.


candaceann1 - January 24

I am due April 5 and attempting a VBAC with no drugs and I have hired a doula.


Lia - January 24

Hi Ladies. I'm currently 34w5days and have scheduled my 'c' for Feb 26th. I really wanted to have a VBAC. My son was born at 41w3days and there was a failure to descend as well as the cord being wrapped around his neck. There is a big debate over VBAC and all the pro and cons. I am aware that if you decide to go VBAC you have to wait until you naturally go into labor. They will not induce you. The thought of going 40+ weeks does not make me a happy camper. I already want her out! :-> I guess the main thing to consider is why you had to have a c-section (last preg) and how long ago it was. My doctor seems to think I have a small pelvis and that my son (who was 8 pounds) would not be able to come out any other way then 'c'. My doctor and I decided that if my baby girl wants to come early that we will make a 'time of' decision about whether I can have her v____ally, if not she will be born via 'c' on Feb 26th. But like everything....sometimes you have no control. With the best laid baby remains breech thus not even giving me an option. I guess other questions to ask yourself is how important is it to you to have a v____al birth? How many children do you want to have? (Most doctors put a limit on how many 'c's the recommend.) How long is it between this birth and your 'c'? What does your doc recommend? What is the estimated weight of the baby (Determine around 37wks)?


torbman - January 24

I had an emergency c-section for my first child, then 3 years later I had a VBAC for my second. 8 years later and I just had another vag delivery. I had no problems at all and between the two, I would deliver v____ally again and again. It was so nice to be able to get right up and have a shower. :)Tamara


maknyle - January 25

Melissa, I was reading your post thinking that I had much more time than you. LOL. I have 13 weeks left too. I'm a dork! I have thought long and hard, and my doc says that I am a good candidate for this. My latest concern is I have heard/read that an epidural can slow down progress. I really want that epidural, but if my body has to do everything on its own I am nervous about it. I would hate to be doing great, get the epidural and then stop. I really want to avoid the surgery. Tamara, thanks for a positive story. My son will be 3 a month after my daughter is born. Lia, my doc hasn't checked my pelvis yet. He did tell me that he would when we got closer. I want him check and just tell me up front. Candaceann, you are one brave lady. I am a big wimp. I love the idea of thinking that I could do it with no drugs, but I just think in the end I will be begging for pain meds. Do you have any medical reasons for this decision? Do you think that with no meds you will have a better chance at being successful?


candaceann1 - January 26

maknyle- I have done alot of research on having a successful VBAC and you are right about the epidural slowing or stopping progression. That is what I believed happened with me to need a C-section the first time. Thats why I hired a doula to help me with my labor. A Doula tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications , reduces negative feelings about one’s childbirth experience ,reduces the need for pitocin, forceps or vacuum extraction, reduces the requests for pain medication and epidurals, as well as the incidence of cesareans. And you know pitocin can increase your chances of a uterine rupture. I am also trying many natural techniques and hypnosis to help me with the pain. My C-section was a horrible experience that I wish not to go through again.


Melissa30 - January 26

Well I went to my Dr. this morning and he confirned my worst fear. I am not a good canidate for a VBAC. I will have to have another C. I am due April 28 and he said I would deliver 1 week before my due date. The good thing is that I will know exactly when I will give birth. Good Luck to the rest of you attempting VBACs.


maknyle - January 26

Melissa, sorry to hear that you aren't a good candidate. I guess the positive thing is that now you don't have to keep going around and around about it. I am due on 04/28 too! Candace, my doctor already told me that I can't have pitocin or anything like that. I actually called a doula today and spoke with her about things. She actually has had 2 VBACs herself. She seemed really nice over the phone. I don't really know what I am going to do. I am a complete wimp. Also what is the average rate for a doula. She charges 375.00. Is that around the usual fee?


candaceann1 - January 26

Melissa30- If kinda thought a VBAC was out of the question with a placental abruption. You and your baby are much safer going with a repeat c-section. maknyle-a doula can range from $200-$1200 depending on the area. Mine is $500. She too has had a VBAC and I feel pretty confident with my decision to have her at the birth. The birth of my daughter almost 7 years ago was for me a horrible experience from the moment I stepped foot in the hospital. I was not the slightest bit prepared, I thought my instincts would kickin and that the Dr's and nurses would look out for me. Boy was I wrong. This time, I might be too prepared, but if for some reason I do need a repeat c-section, I can ateast say I tried.



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