Menstrual Cramping With Inner Thigh Cramping

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samantha_ccg - August 19

today about an hr ago i had some bad inner thigh cramping where i could barely walk and bad cramping in my back. it seems to have gone away now but still have the menstrual cramping very mild in my back. could this be a sign that baby is coming soon??? ill be 38 weeks on tuesday and have been having alot of false contractions so im getting pretty anxious and reading alot into the signs my body is giving me. any input would be great thanks!


alley24 - August 19

I had Back labor with my second daughter, and it hurts like cramps, time them, when you go in, they will put the belt on you, if you are having back labor it may not pick it up, it did not for me, They wanted to send me home with my daughter, i went in a 8 i stuck to my guns, thank god I did I had here at 10, 2 hours later, I had back labor, she was sunny side up and that is what makes it in your back, just time them and see how it goes. good luck.
I am not due until 12/9, so you will already be a good mom by them


Tanna - August 20

I was having really bad inner thigh cramps. Dr. said "round ligament pain". Anyway, I had back labor with this one. I even had epi., but the whole time I was in labor I could not for the life of me get comfortable. It was aweful. Then, after I had him, I had major major sciatic nerve pain. It felt like my b___t was bruised.



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