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Emy - December 7

I have a question about movement. I feel her everyday and esp. first thing in the morning and after I eat. She moves a lot during those times, but while I am sleeping and during the day I don't feel very much - only here and there. I looked in my pregnancy book and it said the baby should be moving ten times/hour after 28weeks. I am now 29 weeks. Is this true? I mean, that seems like a lot of movement to feel the baby ten times/ hour, but maybe you all are feeling your babies that much. Can you please shed some insight? Is anyone out there like me who only feels her a lot at certain times of the day but than hardly at all during other times? Thanks!


Jean - December 7

I think it's 10 times per hour "at an active time" of the day.


Dustie - December 7

10 times a day sounds more like it. There are lots that you don't feel, so don't worry if you are feeling her off and on, as long as she is moving & it doesn't decrease all of a sudden, she is fine.


Ginny - December 7

I would definitely not worry, especially since your baby seems to have established a routine for itself of what is normal. I feel my baby more in the middle of the day and right before bed, and other times barely at all, so I would say that you are pretty normal.


Emy - December 7

Thanks so much for your answers. I feel much better about it now. I was pretty surprised when I saw that and I think it is meant to be ten times during her active period, which for me is only twice a day or so.


Heather - December 8

I am the same way. My daughter moves mostly after I eat. I feel a few bumps and rolls here and there during the day, but mostly after meals. My Dr said that as long as she has her own routine and I don't feel any strange cramping or pains, not to worry. I am 34 weeks. She will get less and less active the closer to due date I get- there just isnt' as much room in there anymore!


Ashley - December 8

Emy, I have a "Movement Chart" I'm supposed to fill out from week 28-40. So I had pretty much the same question for my midwife a few weeks ago!! She said the baby might settle into more of a pattern the farther along I get, and just to write down "Active" and what time of day right now. Like today, normally I would be worried b/c I haven't felt much but hubby woke me up at 4 am feeling my stomach - he woke me up, but once I was awake, the baby was all over the place!!! So if I don't feel anything until this afternoon or evening, that's not going to suprise me. Also, I was worried I was "cheating" b/c the baby is so active when hubby runs a saw or a drill (he's making me a rocker), and she said the baby reacting to noise/stimulus from outside the womb is BETTER than 10 movements! I'm starting to see a rough pattern after 3 weeks of charting, but by no means consistant. Hope this helps! :)


terri - December 9

Emy, the way that my doctor explained it to me to do fetal monitor movements was to put a certain hour everyday and perform the test than. what you is like pick 9am everyday(usually a time that the baby is active) and count the kicks and you should feel 10 movements within that hour and if you dont than drink a cold gla__s of juice and try again for another hour and if the baby still does not move 10 times within those 2 hours you should go to the local hospital. the bbay could just be having a lazy day. my baby is the same during the night hardly anythign but in the moring very active and also whenever i eat and also when i have something sweet to drink.


Emy - December 9

Thanks everyone! It makes a heck of a lot more sense to pay attention only at times when she is active....



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