Movement Slowing Down At Almost 38 Weeks

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kolleen_caudillo - June 16

im just wondering if im being a worry wart like everyone keeps telling me...... ok im on my third day of lylee not moving as much as im use to. im doong all of the little tricks that i normally do to get her o move, but its really not working. dont get me wrong, she moves but no where close to what she normally does. SOOOOO my question is this...... is it normal for the baby to go into a slow mode in the last two or three weeks? my mom and my bff keep telling me that i need to quit freaking out. im really sick of being told that so is anyone else experiencing the same thing? before i feel anymore dumd by calling my dr i wanted to ask you guys


HeatherIsHopeful - June 16

my little girl did the same thing, it scared the c___p outta me too lol. I guess in the last couple weeks their movement slows down because they get big and dont have room to move as much, also if they are engaged they wont move as much. just do kick counts and if you are still worried do nt hesitate to call your doc or go to the hospital and have her checked out. better safe than sorry. Im sure everything is wonderful with your little one, shes just getting lazy ;) oh, and dont feel bad about eing a worry wart lol Im the queen of worrying. get used to it, we are moms now lol its what we do :)


kolleen_caudillo - June 16

i couldnt wait, i called the dr anyways, i talked to my dr and he told me how to do the kick counts again cuz i didnt remember. so we will see. ur right though it is probably normal, but when you carry a baby for soooo long u know their little habits they have inside the womb and it just scares me when i dont notice her doing them for almost three days. thanks HEATHER


sashasmama - June 16

Same here, I would try to touch him and try to get him to move and he would, but it's not as much as it used to be. They also stop moving as much when they drop and engage.


stefkay - June 16

Yes, movement slows and becomes more of squirms and stuff at this point. Just drink some juice or something sugary and lie down on the couch. Write down the time that you feel the first movement and then count 10 movements and on the 10th see what time it is. You should try to get 10 in 1 hour, but if not then keep counting for the next hour. If you get 10 in 2 hours my dr. says that is ok but let them know. If you don't get 10 movements (not necessarily kicks, you count any and all movements) in 2 hours then call dr. or labor and delivery immediately.


HeatherIsHopeful - June 16

kolleen I was the same way.. I would poke at her and stuff to try to get her to move lol. Im glad you called your doc for some piece of mind :)


kolleen_caudillo - June 16

well im still scared. i layed down and went to sleep and woke up and ate. im counting them but she still isnt moving alot. im so scared and now im crying. i think im going to call my dr back and tell him


HeatherIsHopeful - June 16

lemme know what hppens


cors1wfe - June 16

KOLLEEN - did she move 10 times in the hour??? Keep us posted if you go to labor and delivery....Good luck hugs to your girl


kolleen_caudillo - June 16

as soon as i call lylee started moving alot. which is such a relief you. im so use to her moving ALL DAY AND NIGHT then all of a sudden she just stops almost completely. its really scary. you just had your baby didnt you


HeatherIsHopeful - June 16

im glad she started moving more... my girl did the same thing, trust me I was scared too! I did just have my baby :) 5 days ago, shes such a little angel.. i hope it lasts lol.


4buzybeez - June 17

kollen, dont worry im sure she is fine. dont stress yourself out girl! i think baby is very big now and not alot of room in your tummy thats why she isnt moving as much as before. as long as she still moving then its a good sign.



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