Mucus Plug And Increased Vaginal Discharge

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bla04017 - August 14

I am 37 weeks and I have noticed an increase in va___al discharge. It is just clear, but pretty thick. I read online that this could be parts of the mucus plug coming out, which shows that labor may be on it's way. Then it says that it can still be 1,2,or 3 weeks until labor. The mucus hasn't had any tinge of blood or anything, but i was wondering if anyone had this happen and how long it took them to go into labor??


Crystal83 - August 14

I don't think the mucus plug is a clear color, I read it can be yellow, green, brownish, and/or blood tinged. I lost some of my mucuc plug at 24 weeks and then again at 33 and it was yellow and jelly like, I could definetly tell the difference from my regular discharge. I'm 37 weeks now and nothing seems to be happening, dr, says my servix is still closed, but I have a history of being overdue anyway so I'm just waiting it out. So you never know, I guess it doesn't matter too much when the plug comes out.


Crystal83 - August 14



kimberly - August 14

I have been losing mine since Friday and I haven't gone into labor yet. Mine is yellowish and sometimes tinged pink. Really gross looking! I seen my Dr. today and I am 3 cm and 80% effaced. I am being induced thursday!


bla04017 - August 14

I can tell that there is a difference with this than my regular discharge. It does have a little bit of a yellowish tint to it as well, it just hasn't been bloody at all. I will see the doctor on thursday and I am thinking I'll be dialated and efaced because of the mucus plug and my BH contractions. We will see though


Shannon - August 15

you are in the same boat as me. for the past couple weeks i've been noticing increased discharge, sometimes thick and snot-like and slightly foggy in color, which makes me think it's the mucus plug too. i'll be 39 weeks along tomorrow, though, and still no baby... though i am 2.5 cm dialated already.



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