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Mari - February 8

Well I cant respond to any of the questions asked here and would love to answer some of them with my experience. Well for the cracking sound I heard it when I was pregnant. I heard it a couple times a day,at first I thought it was me but it was comming from inside my stomach mostly when the baby moved so I dont know maybe that the reason cuz the baby stretched and it was her bones. As for the epidural question, i guess its different for everyone cuz ive had people tell me it doesnt hurt and mannn did it hurt for me,,, not a whole lot but when they were putting it in it felt like my spine was breaking plus i was having extremely strong contractions while this was happening and so i was crying and screaming, yes im a baby. Plus it didnt even work for me, i had 2 and then a spinal, (spinal numbed me immediately) i was planning on going without anything but after 7 cm dialated i just couldnt take the contractions any longer....I posted a while ago about that i needed a middle name and i went with Ariana Gisele, I know i didnt want gisele cuz it was my boyfriends nieces middle name, but hey its my baby and i really liked that name. I wanted to thank everyone for their lovely suggestions. Another thing i wanted to mention about rib pain, i felt rib pain mostly on my right side, it hurt bad even to move, sneeze or laugh, it felt like someone had jumped me and kicked me in my ribs, but docs told me it was normal...and about bringing on labor, well i had my daughter when i was suppose to, i didnt walk a lot, though i did take a long walk 3 and 2 days before I had her, i had been having s_x but stopped 2 weeks earlier so Im not sure if it helped i just think u'll have ur baby when the baby is ready to come out, I had my daughter on the 16th of Jan. Well guys hoped this post helped. Take Care!



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