My Baby Girl Neha Is Here

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Nita_ - July 9

Yeahhhhh I made it!! Some of you might remember me from the june mommies/big countdown thread. I started to write this a few days back, but with the new baby and all have been terribly tired/busy. Here's my story. :) Our baby girl arrived exactly on her due date, i.e. 26th june neither early nor late. I was sure I was going to be overdue as I wasn't feeling much of anything till that date. Well, here goes my story! I was feeling dampness in my panties sunday afternoon but I didn't pay much attention to it as I've been having heavier discharges anyways. But monday morning I called into the dr just in case...They had me come in at 11am, so I showed up with my mother (my dh was at work). My midwife checked and was concerned a little bit that I didn't call previous day with me being GBS +ve and all...Anycase, she took a sample to check under the microscope but then also checked my cervix which was 6cm! It was 2-3 cm the wed before at my routine appt. All this while, all I felt was when she pushed in my tummy to feel the baby's head, I felt sharp pain which went away in few seconds. She said I just had a contraction! oh boy. I was shocked when she said, you need to be admitted to the hospital right away so they can get some pencillin in... I was soo not prepared!! Called my dh and told him the news and also to get my hospital bag(which was not 100% packed!). Well...the thing was we had given his car for servicing!! great eh? well..we didn't think there was anything going to happen that day! Anycase, I called my manager and told her where everything was work wise(I was working that day!). then drove to the hospital and started getting back pains but nothing substantial. I was hooked onto iv(oh boy I thought putting the iv was painful, then came the stinging with the pencillin going in! yikes!!). They also setup the monitor for my contractions and baby heartbeat. It appeared i was having contractions every 7 mts and the backpain was that!! oh boy. My dh finally made it at about 1:15 and then after monitoring me some more time. they broke my water around 2pm. I was still 6 cm and now was getting contractions every 5 mts or so. Nurse helped me with the breathing (I remmebered I need to relax and take long breaths but i couldnt do that! contractions got stronger after my water was broken! it was hurting but not as much. I gave it a 6 out of 10 on a pain scale. Around 4pm, I couldn't take it anymore and well my dh couldn't take it anymore either, so he asked for the epidural! And oh boy, holding still for that was just awful. I had two painful contractions while I was sitting on the bed! Mom and dh's hands were both being squeezed! :) But thank god for epidural, I was able to relax and was literally pain free. I took some rest for an hr or so. I got to 8cm but wasn't moving much from there. So they gave me a smallest dose of pitocin. By about 7pm finally it was time to push and all I could feel was a little tiny pressure down below. My midwife had earlier suggested using a mirror to see the progress and although the thought of it grossed me out at first, I did ask for it when I heard my dh say yeah I can see her little tiny head!! I wanted to see too. So with the help of a mirror and constant encouragement from dh, mom, my midwife and the nurse, I kept pushing and pushing. They reduced my epidural to 1/2 dose so I can feel something at least. But it seemed as if I was blowing my face out!! I was having some good pushes down below, but most were in my face. No wonder at the end of it(now that I look back at the photos, my face is all swollen!! LOL!). After about 2 hrs of pushing, our little angel made her entrance and we couldn't be happier. it was the most amazing experience and after that all I could do was watch the nurse clean her, weigh her etc and wasn't paying much attention to the placenta delivery and then st_tches. I had a tear/2nd degree laceration(I overheard the midwife and dr talk). Which the dr st_tched up (it took him 45 mts it seemed!!). But by the end of it all, I was able to hold our dear daughter and couldn't be happier. I kept giggling away(from what I remember!). She is most beautiful thing in the world! I've been recovering from the st_tches and then adjusting to the new baby. Unfortunately, been having a lot of problems with br___tfeeding, so struggling with it. Hopefully infant care forum will provide some answers although I may not be able to visit as often as before(when I was pregant), now all my time and energy goes into baby care! Luckily for us, mom & dad are here to help with household chores including cooking and so we are able to dedicate our whole time to Neha. Oh, we named her 'Neha Trisha'. :) Am glad I found this forum, as it's been soo helpful! Good luck to all of you who are still due and thanks to all(too many to name!) who answered my questions. Love - Nita


Nita_ - July 9

LOL - that was a LONGGGG story!


Nita_ - July 9

Oops, forgot to mention. Neha was born 26jun06 at 9:02pm, weighed in at 7lbs 14 oz and measured 19.5 inches.


ARD - July 9

Congrats Nita!!! I couldn't be happier for you!!! I know you were soooo ready!!! I am 38.2 weeks now and a nervous wreck about the whole labor/delivery thing. Was it really as bad as everyone says, or was it tolerable...I plan on getting the epidural also, but I'm still nervous that I won't be able to breathe due to having panic attacks or due to the pain. I'm such a worrier!! Anyway, any encouragement will be appreciated and again, CONGRATS!!!!


Tanya2 - July 9

Congractulations Neha. I also had a baby girl last year and I'm having a boy this Sept. I just wanted to tell you to hang in there with the b___stfeeding, the first two weeks are painful and then it gets really easy, trust me I've been there. Keep pumping if you are engorged and store it, you can store it for 3 months and once you introduce the bottle (I did mine around 4-5 weeks) you have a lot of milk to use. Good luck with everything and I'm sure you'll be a pro in no time.


Tanya2 - July 9

I meant Congractulations Nita.


Keli - July 9



Nita_ - July 10

Thanks ladies!! ARD - if you already are decided about the epidural, then you probably will get it in time before the pains get unbearable. By the time we decided on getting it and the dr showed up, it kinda was painful for me. But still tolerable. Hang in there and good luck with your delivery.



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