My Wife Is 30 Weeks But Open 3cm

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charlie - August 22

Hello everyone,my wife is 30 weeks pregnant and hasbeen open 3cm for atleast 1 month. The doctors admitted her into the hospital immediately for preterm labor.After 1 month our daughter is growing well and kicking and ounching mommy to death(my wife is doing fine also besides the punching inside) The problem is that our daughter is still in the breach position and keeps sticking her foot in the opening! bad girl! lol! Anyone had a baby this early or 32 weeks? What are the dangers you encountered/ Thanks! Charlie


tara - August 12

I had my first at 35 weeks... he was small, but had no long term problems. He is 19 mo old now. I am also 32 weeks preg with my second and already showing signs of labour again. They say that babies this gestation are usually small, but have excellent survival rates... they may have to stay a week or two in the NICU, until they are eating, breathing, and keeping their teperature up on their own. Good luck!


John - August 19

My wife is having our first baby. She is now 14 weeks. Recently she was complain about cramps and and light bleeding. Is this normal, and if not what going on? Thanks John!


Kelly - August 22

lol didnt have n early baby on my second thou think hes gonna be a premie but i was born breech if possible lol ask the docs when time to turn her cuz bein born breech hurts mama ALOT i kno my mom tells me all the time bout how one leg under n one leg out hurts :)) but congrats to you n your wife


Stephanie - August 22

My sister in law gave birth ...well emergency birth to her 2 daugthers.the first one at 32 weeks.....and the second one at 34 weeks.....basekly past 30 weeks .her health was so bad....she almost they had to take the kid out of her....but the 2 girls are fine now......she has 2 beautifull daugther one that 5 the other one is 3



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