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Prissanna - June 25

Did anyone have to do Non Stress Tests during their pregnancy? Because I have Gest. Diabetes, they are starting NST two times a week next week. They are monitoring the baby to make sure he's getting enough oxygen since the blood vessels to the placenta might get old when you have GD.


Traci76 - June 25

I'm starting the NSTs this week, once a week. She hasn't mentioned doing it twice a week, and hope she doesn't!! I go tomorrow for my first one. I actually already had one when I went to Labor & Delivery a few weeks ago because of decreased baby movement. I also have Gest. Diabetes. I didn't know the actual reason for the NSTs though til I just read what you said! I just knew they were routine with GD. How many weeks are you? I'm almost 32.


Mingill - June 26

Just out of curiosity, what is involved with the Non Stress test? I was just diagnosed with GD two weeks ago, and I started insulin last Thursday. I'm 29 weeks and 2 days. When do they start these tests? How long do they last?


Nita_ - June 26

I'm going to have a NST done this week. mainly caz I'll be overdue by then. SIGH! my due date is today 26jun. From what I heard of NST, they'll strap a belt on your tummy and monitor fetal/baby movements etc. It's supposed to be for 1/2 hr. So if all is well with the baby inside, they'll let me go on for few more days before scheduling for an induction.


Prissanna - June 26

I'm almost 38 weeks. I've read that some doctors start them alot earlier for GD patients. If all goes well with the two this week, I'm going to ask her if I can cut back to one next week. I have to travel an hour for my appointment so it's not fun going twice per week. Oh, and has anyone noticed their sugar levels dropping? Mine have been dropping in the last week or so. I thought they got higher toward the end???? I'm not complaining at all though.


Tanna - June 26

I had to do them with my first because of gd, once a week. I think I started at like 35 weeks, and I had to lay there while they monitered the baby's heart rate, making sure it accelerated and decellerated as it should. I had to stay until they saw enough of what they wanted to see each time. Could have taken 10 min., or it could have taken an hour. It all depended on how much the baby wanted to cooperate that day.


MelG - June 27

I'm also overdue (like Nita) and they have ordered 2 per week as I don't want to be induced until I absolutely have to (they give you two weeks tops). It's very simple and my doctor's office even has a big recliner with a TV and you can sit back and relax while they monitor the heartbeat and movements.


Tanna - June 27

Man MelG...lap of luxury!


MelG - June 27

Tanna, actually I must have jinxed myself because I didn't get the recliner room today. Instead I had to do one on a regular exam table and it sucked bigtime. I was majorly uncomfortable and hadn't eaten alot beforehand which affected the test results. They made me stay on there for about a half hour because they weren't getting the readings they wanted. The technician kept coming in and saying negative things like "this doesn't look too good", etc. which made it even worse. After the whole time, they showed the results to my doctor who said it was OK and they let me go home. All that worry for nothing and I'm so not looking forward to another one of these this week.


Prissanna - June 28

I went yesterday. It was OK I suppose. I had to press a b___ton every time the baby moved. I had two contractions while I was there. They've got me set up for Tues. and Fri. every week til I have the baby. She said they wouldn't be there next Tues. because of the holiday so I would have to go to the hospital to get it done. Me and DH decided not to set that appointment up since it was a holiday and everything looks fine - his heartrate was 130-170 the whole time. I'm going to talk to my Dr. Fri. just to be sure. What do you all think????


Mingill - July 4



Tanna - July 5

I cannot remeber if I had to press a b___ton or not when I felt movement. I don't think I did though. I know my Dr. would have just told me we are skipping the holiday test. I'm certain he would not have sent me to the hospital to get it. But I also only got one a week.



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