OMG I Cant Stop Eating

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ad - December 6

Im 37 weeks and i don't know if i should satisfy my cravings or not! my baby has droped and o boy My appitiete has returned. I am able to eat a full meal almost every hour or so! (I dont tho) I dont know where this food is going or why im soo hungry. I want everything I see! I just sat down with a whole orange and was reading while I was eating and wasnt paying attention I looked down to get the other half And it was Gone!! Anybody else feel this hungry??


Gina - December 7

I turned 37 weeks too this week and am hungry and able to eat more yet bay has not dropped. My freind is a OB nurse and said it is probably a growth spurt. Are you measuring okay?


jb - December 7

I dont think eating a whole orange is going overboard with eating! :o) Talk to me when you eat a whole carton of ice cream ;o)


Jen - December 7

...or a whole bag of frosted circus animal cookies with a gla__s of eggnog! I have become such a fatty!


Bree - December 7

I'm eating more, also, so don't feel alone. Hot fries are on my menu and Dr. Pepper junk! Also, my hubby made brownies and I've eaten one every day. Thank goodness they're almost gone. lol


Jennifer - December 7

An orange would be like nothing in my stomach. Last night I ate an entire box of those little christmas gingerbread men.


Dana - December 7

Hello to my ladies! I have been feeling a bit embarra__sed about how much I have been able to put down lately. I am 32 weeks and all of a sudden, I can't get enough to eat. I can never get full and can so put down a box of Krispy Kremes and a carton of cold milk at any time. Thanks for letting me know there are others like me out there!


ad - December 7

Hi ladys well the orange was just a small example lol it was what I was eating at the time I was on here lol. I just thought it was funny that I was looking for the other half and didnt relize I ate it already!



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