Omg I Was Bleeding And I Went To The Hospital

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Raychel - November 27

Hello u gorgerous pregnant women! How was yall's thanksgiving? I have to tell yall about mine, cause it was scary. My fiance came home on Wednesday night, and we had s_x that nite. Well I started to Bleed, but I thought cuz it was of s_x. I was up all nite with pressure down there, and this really bad burning pain was starting. It would like start at my "hole" (sorry dont know what else to call that) and go up. And the bleeding was dark at first, and not that much, but than it got lighter and a lil bit more heavier. So i went to the hospital, and she checked my cervix, and told me my cervix was beautiful, she didn"t see no bleeding, and she saw sum discharge, and told me I may have a yeast infection. But I don't itch, and it don't smell weird, so she wasn't sure. Than she told me to take a baking soda bath, and let me go. So I went home, soaked for 2 hours, and I still hurt down there but not as bad. But all throughout thanksgiving day, i still had pain, and I was still bleeding! And I did not stop bleeding until Friday morning, and I didn't feel the baby move hardly any Friday. I was freaking out! But Friday nite, I felt him kick me in the ribs (I loved that pain! ) and I've felt him a lot since. So based on yall's experience, what yall think happened? I don't hurt no more, no more bleeding. I would love to hear sum opinions, if yall don't mind. Thank u, and Happy Holidays!


Raychel - November 27

Oh yea! Also since than, I've had a lot of pressure down there, i was walking yesterday and i felt the sharp pressure and it made me stop! It was so sharp and it felt like a bowling ball just dropped on my pelvic region. And i feel the same thing when I'm lying down, sumitmes when I walk. Explanations?


Raychel - November 27

And oh ya I turned 34 weeks Friday.


Christy - November 27

I'm not sure, did they do an ultrasound? If not, I'd ask for one. I know something called placenta previa can cause bleeding in the 3rd trimester. I hope you get some answers.


Lena - November 27

You shouldn't worry, the same thing happened to me. It is from s_x. I freaked out too for a while, but inside I just felt that everything is alright and I shouldn't worry. I started having pressure, and a lot of BH after I started bleeding. It was kind of red at first, but then got light pink and watery, and then just brownish. Intercourse causes contractions, sometimes they are weird and feel like a bunch of pressure down there.



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