Pain At The Top Of Uterus

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sleeplessinseattle - November 3

Heys guys, is anyone else experiencing a pain that's at the top of your uterus? Almost like the baby has it's feet stuck in one spot. It even hurts to the touch, like it's a bad bruise. It's not my ribs its my uterus. I feel it in the middle of the night...throughout the comes and goes depending on her position.


venus_in_scorpio - November 3

i have a weird numb spot from where she presses her feet and i feel bruised when i wake up in the morning if she slept in my ribs...


christa0120 - November 3

It happened with mine too...about late 2nd tri early 3rd...It is now gone


sleeplessinseattle - November 4

what is it from??


Seal - November 5

I have a similar pain, but I'm convinced that it's actually my stomach that hurts. He's got his feet sticking right where my stomach should be, and I think it is irritating everything there. I notice the pain at nighttime and after I eat, and when I press in, it does feel like a bruise. It could also be trapped gas - since there is so little room in there right now, my intestines are up in my lungs!


olivia - November 5

If it isn't consitpation (that is one of the few places left for things to back up), then it could be the baby's b___t. In the third trimester when the head is down, often the b___t pops up there causings a lot of discomfort. It isn't sharp like to the ribs as the feet are, but a pressing bulging sore spot. It doesn't move as much as feet since the baby is getting bigger and head to bottom only has so much wiggle room. See if you can put your hand on it and and make out a little bottom! My babies b___t is right under my stomach area, and the feet stick out under my right side ribs.



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