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jenny - December 4

hi, im 37 week pregnant and absolutelt massive. i have polyhydromnios. any 1 out there had the same condition??? what does it mean?


Teresa - December 8

Hi, I am 32 weeks pregnant. I have polyhydromnios. What does it mean? is my baby problem or my problem? is that safe or danger?


Amy - December 8

Hi. I' m due Jan. 7 and have polyhydramnios. As I understand it, it means that there is too much amniotic fluid. There are verying degrees. It can be and indication of gestational diabetes which I also have and is under control with diet so I don't have to take insulin. Polyhydramnios can also indicate some birth defects so the doctor should order a special ultrasound. As far as I can tell, the disorder is not completely understood. For me, it means that I'm pretty uncomfortable. The pressure is uncomfortable. Of course I'm also worried about the possibility of birth defects but I've had several detailed ultrasounds and some other tests and nothing was found...Apparently this condition sometimes goes away all on its own...I would say that it's important to get good, regular medical care. The doctor should be expected to explain the disorder in detail until the patient understands it completely.


aejas - August 15

yes, I have polyhydramnios. I am 35 weeks, and have had it both pregnancies. Not sure when you posted this, but trying to find info on it, and ran into this. Not heard of many other people having this condition.


aejas - August 15

well, again, I am trying to get this to post, and it didn't seem to work before. Anyways, I have the same thing. It is where your body has acc_mulated too much amniotic fluid which causes your body to think it is full term before it is. I have had it both my pregnancies now. In fact, on bedrest at 35 weeks.



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