Popping Sound

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M - September 23

Has anyone experienced a "popping" sound in their belly? I don't mean like gas or like your stomach growling, but an actual popping sound. I've heard it a few times now, and the first time I heard it I thought maybe my water was going to break...anyone know or have any experience with this??? 36 1/2 weeks...


Kay - September 23

Yes i had this popping sound quite alot during the last trimester , its nothing to do with water breaking because mine never broke , but dont worry nothing will be wrong with the baby as i have just had a healthy baby girl !! Docters dont know what this sound is so i was just as confused as you were still am !!! But nothing to worry about ;) Good Luck not long now !!


lisa - September 24

im 36 weeks now and had it about 6 weeks ago while i was doing an interview at work, it was really loud and strange, it happened several times and never happened again, there was a huge thread on it, if you search google popping sound womb i think you can get to thread, no medical people seem to be able to explain but say mabie babys joints popping as they are flexible?? who knows but seems to be nothing to worry about, lots of women on this other thread went on to have perfect babies and had had the popping


C3 - September 24

I'm 33 weeks...what popping sound? Where do you hear it or do you just 'feel' it...?


M - September 24

C3, you can hear it...it's not like when you can feel your stomach roll or growl or gas, it's something you hear. To me it sounds kind of like a sticky bubble or something, that's why I thought maybe it had something to do with my water breaking the first time I heard it. It must just be another one of those weird things we get to experience. But, I am glad other people have had this happen - I thought I was losing my mind or something!


C3 - September 24

:( How come I never heard any popping sound...?



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