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Kar - March 8 3:51pm

I'm almost 39 weeks preggo and today I have lots of pressure in my butt, like I have to go to the bathroom (if u know what I mean). Do you think that this could be the start of something, anyone else have felt this and gone into labour soon after? I'm not constipated either.

missycc4 - March 8 5:31pm

It could be that the baby is coming down and getting ready to come. I've felt that way for over 2 weeks and now I'm being induced Tuesday. I'm 41 weeks. Try doing a lot of walking and that might get you going. you never know. Good Luck

HEATHER - March 8 6:20pm

I had a post about this the other day, I have felt it severl times, it actually wakes me out of my sleep its so much pressure exactly like you describe, today is my dd.

care - March 9 10:39am

I am not saying you are in labor, but when I started having contractions with my ds that is how I felt. Just keep an eye on them. I was trying to go to thebathroom every few minutes. We got to the hospital and shortly thereafter my water broke. Those were the only contractions I felt.

flappergirl - March 11 10:08pm

wow.. now i'm a bit worried. you guys are describing exactly what i've been feeling the past 2 days and i'm only 32 weeks. Luckily i have a dr. appointment scheduled in two days so i'll see what's going on. good luck btw to you ladies with your labors!

Sonrisa - March 12 10:52am

I have noticed that in the past week...I have been having a bowel movement twice a day where before I was constipated. I woke up to that pressure that you are describing last night. I also lost my mucuous plug yesterday. I am thinking that it means that you will go into labor any time now. I am also 39 weeks.

madison - March 12 11:25am

i have been having this pressure, too, more and more lately. it usually wakes me up at night but i dont have to go to the bathroom, either. my frind told me this is how she felt just before her water broke. good luck to all of you! oh, i am 37 1/2 weeks now.


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