Question For Women Who Are Already Mommies

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MommyMeg07 - February 6

So, I haven't had ANY Braxton Hicks Contractions or any sort of sign that I'll be going into labor. And I mean none, I haven't had ONE BH Contraction my ENTIRE pregnancy. I'm 38 weeks, 3 days... and I'm so sure I'll be late!! Ugh!! My question is, how fast can things change? Did any of you have a pregnancy similar to mine and still go into labor at a normal date? I'm just afraid that my body just doesn't know HOW to go into labor or something. Thank you so much in advance! :)


dot - February 6

I never had any bh or normal signs (show etc) my water didnt even break... (it was done artificially) and my baby was only 1 day after due date... I just woke up one morning had stomach cramps(thought I had a virus or something) 2 hours later realized that this is it its not a virus its labour... You will do fine just go with it...


sahmof3 - February 6

With my oldest I never had BH. I got to 41 weeks, 6 days and started having little ctxns where my belly got hard, but it wasn't painful... I thought those were BH, but it was the start of labor lol. I definitely found out what painful BH are like with the next two, though :-(


Tammy276 - February 6

don't worry about it.. You may not be feeling your BH contractions, but you are still having them....your uterus starts to "Practice" very early on in pregnancy...Some woman feel these contractions and others don't but you are still having them. When I was preggo w/ my first son, I was dialated to 3cm and 100% effaced when I was 36 weeks...meaning I was having contractions that were doing something, I just wasn't feeling them. Just because you don't feel them doesn't mean you are going to go past your due date.. I've been feeling BH contractions since about 18 week, consider your self lucky that you are not feeling any!!



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