Scary Quot Practice Quot Run To Hospital

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JoeyLyons - February 23

Thursday night I was sitting down reading a book and heard my husband come in so I got up to say h__lo. Suddenly my pants are soaked and when I look it's a ton of blood, so I call my urgent care line and am told to head to the hospital. I had NO cramping or pain just straight bleeding sudden and heavy so I was thinking placenta!! I was admitted to labor and delivery had blood work done, ultrasounds, and then a cervix check. They saw nothing wrong........they think I had a blood vessel on my cervix rupture and that was why it was a sudden gush of red blood. I had to stay the entire night just to be safe and then they released me with limited activitys. I am only 33 weeks along. Has anyone one else had something similiar happen?? I trust my ob but still feel VERY nervous.


cayingo - February 23

Wow! That would scare the hell out of me and dh. I hope you take their "limitied activity" advis very seriously. WHen do you go back? Have you stopped bleeding? Sorry I can't share a personal experience, but I hope all is ok with you and the baby. Take it easy!


ShoppingForTwo - February 23

The same thing kind of happened to me tonight. My lower lower abdomen felt strange so I told my hubbie we might have to go to L&D and get checked. I wasn't in any pain. I then went to the bathroom and wiped a few times and there was red blood on the paper. I freaked out, went to L&D. Got montiored for a while, got an internal, and u/s. Doc says everything looked perfect and that I could leave. I was like WHAT?! I asked a billion and one questions. My first thoughts were dilation or the placenta. Both were ruled out. She eventually sent me home telling me to rest and drink plenty of water. I'm 21w3d so I thought it was preterm labor but I guess it wasn't. I see my peri next week.



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