Shooting Pain Down There

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crrodgers - July 12

Hi, I am 27 wks 2 days. I just started having like shooting pains down in the womenly area. I've had pressure there after s_x....but not this shooting pain and for no reason. I was told to take it easy for the next few weeks due to a thin uterus....but I was just wondering if this is normal? Thanks!


CodyKatie5 - July 12

I'm not sure if this is the case in your scenario, but I am 36w2d and I have been getting the same random, short pains for about the last week. At my exam my doc said I was a fingertip dilated and he could feel her head right there at my cervix. Do you notice the pain w/walking or does it just come randomly? I would ask your doctor but I saw someone else post in a similar topic that it could be the baby rubbing its head against your cervix.


crrodgers - July 12

Its pretty random and I am getting some lower back pain. I don't know if I am starting to feel all this crazy stuff cause the doctor put a nice little scare in me about having to take it easy cause I am high risk. I haven't done anything too physical today, so I don't know why this would start all of a sudden?


CodyKatie5 - July 12

This may be TMI, but my shooting pains feel like they are in my urethra. I remember getting them at the beginning of the 3rd trimester and I figured it was probably the extra pressure on my bladder. Before pregnancy, I was really prone to UTI's and thank goodness I haven't had one yet during pregnancy (probably because I would get mine after having s_x and that part of my life has dulled out a lot as my pregnancy has progressed), but I heard they can be pretty common. If your back hurts too that could be a sign of a UTI. Do you feel constant urges to pee or burning/stinging when you do? Even if you don't you could possibly have a mild UTI. I'd ask your doctor.


crrodgers - July 13

No, peeing problems....the shooting pain has eased but this constant lower back pain has persisted. I have been going through the forum and it seems like the kind of pain I was experiencing normally happens later in pregnancy. I think I am going to call my doctor first thing in the morning. The baby is moving like crazy! I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing! Is it ok for him to be moving too much?


tk07 - July 13

hi! i have been getting that too. it feels like it could be ligament pain again or the babies head hitting my cervix or maybe even the UTI.... i get it in thru my urethra every once in a while. mostly it is where i would think my cervix is. i am 29.5 weeks. i did read that women experience ligament pain in the groin and on the sides around now too. i don't know! i will probably call the Dr todya anyways because i think i do have a UTI (cloudy urine). and i dont want it to get worse over the weekend if i do!


kimberly - July 13

Could be any one of the things the ladies have mentioned. With my last baby I had shooting pains and lots of back pain when I was a bit further along than you though. It was his head pressing on my cervix. A urinary tract infection can cause shooting pains and back pain, so can a kidney infection or kidney stones, you probably should let your Dr. know just in case it is a sign of infection or preterm labor. With labor you can have lower bak pain too.


crrodgers - July 13

Thanks Ladies, I still woke up with the lower back being feels more like right before your getting your period. Last night I had troouble laying on my right side because the left side of my belly hurt. This morning I was getting pain on the right side of my belly??? What the heck is going on? I have tried calling the doctor, it's 9:10am and they are still not answering. Hopefully they can see me again.Thanks everyone!


kimberly - July 13

You know if you don't get a hold of them it wouldn't hurt to go to the ER and get checked. Being you are high risk, I wouldn't take any chances!



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